Introducing VECTOR, our new, highly focused tech podcast!

Today we're officially launching our new podcast, Vector. Vector takes the most important topics in technology today, focuses on them from interesting angles, and then discusses the hell out of them. Hosted by yours truly and featuring expert guests from across the web and around the world. That's what it says on the XML tin, anyway. Here's the real scoop...

"New" might be too strong a word for Vector, though. Originally we had a single podcast here on iMore, but when Apple launched the iPad, we split it into two podcasts, iPhone Live! and iPad Live! When Apple brought iOS updates for both devices into sync, however, we unified the podcasts again, and it eventually became the iMore show.

The iMore show was originally supposed to be all about the iMore community, with news and opinions that were relevant to the millions of people who visit the site every month, and the tens of thousands who listen to and watch the show each week. Thanks to Georgia getting a new job and Seth having a new baby, however, I found myself without regular co-hosts, so I started inviting on special guest, sometimes even going solo, and the show became qualitatively different: less community conversation, more industry debate.

When Peter Cohen joined us full time, we rebooted the iMore show again, brought some Mac into our Apple mix, and got things back on track with a proper Mobile Nations-style show. (Though we still have guests, love the guests!)

Yet the transitional show format, the industry debates, had proven extremely popular as well. You guys loved them, and I loved doing them. That's why, at the time of the reboot, I promised we'd figure out a way to keep it around. Enter Vector.

While Iterate showcases phenomenal designers and Debug features terrific developers, Vector will skew more towards current news and the people who write and talk about it. Like Iterate and Debug, often there'll be a single guest, but sometimes there'll be panels. Whatever best serves the topic. Also like Iterate and Debug, Vector will post every second week.

The first episode, a stealth pilot, was recorded a couple of months ago and originally released in the Ad Hoc feed because I hadn't thought of a great enough name for the new show, and you can't launch a new show without a great name. It featured John Siracusa and Guy English talking about the then-just announced Xbox One and the state of the smart living room.

Now the show has a name, a feed, an iTunes page, and a Twitter account. We'll be getting some fancy album art soon as well, but otherwise we're full speed ahead. The second episode posts today and features Guy English talking about the new Mac Pro, OpenCL, and what all that graphics power means for Apple, developers, and users. He's, as expected, brilliant.

There'll be some Apple-centric episodes, and some familiar voices, of course, but the goal of Vector is to transcend platforms and familiarity and cover all of the technology that touches our lives, and to include as many interesting and informed voices as possible. So look for a lot more, and soon.

I'm really excited about the new show, and I'm even more excited for you to hear it and let me know what you think.

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