iOS 7 adoption rate continues to climb, now at 78 percent

The adoption rate of iOS 7 continues to climb, and Apple has posted the latest figures over on the developer portal. The latest numbers show a 78 percent adoption rate of the latest version of iOS, up another 2 percent in just the last two weeks.

The figure is calculated from App Store usage, and as a result iOS 6 has dropped to just 18 percent, with earlier versions holding steady at 4 percent. Sure, not everyone has a device that can run iOS 7, but the Christmas period just gone will surely account for a little of the spike in the past two weeks.

Source: Apple Developer Portal (opens in new tab)

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  • I know people like to contrast these statistics against the "problem of Android fragmentation" but Apple is the exception - not the rule. In 20+ years of Enterprise IT I've never seen any product deployed at scale manage version control as well as this. Specifically in mobile, OS updates and patches for devices in the past were rare and hardly ever installed even when available. I'm not a huge fan of Apple but kudos to them for doing what basically no one else in technology could do ever (hardware or software): establish a pattern of consistent, stable, rapidly deployed upgrades that reach nearly every device. To me that is far more innovative than how many pixels are in the screen or whether your thumb print unlocks the phone.
  • This is one of the strengths of Apple over other smartphone OS. I really like that it's way easier and faster to update to the latest iOS.
  • i reckon the jailbreak has something to do with this...