iOS 7 blue screen of death caught on video

I've heard of this happening on rare occasions before, including to our own Nick Arnott a couple times while tethered to Xcode, but this is the first time I've seen the iOS 7 blue screen of death captured on video in the wild. It's rare, but given the history of the BSOD, it's also glorious. Bradley Miller grabbed the Vine:

Anyone else seen it?

Rene Ritchie

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  • I've seen it on my 5S. Happened after closing Numbers for some reason. And it wasn't accidental since it kept recurring everytime Numbers closes
  • I haven't seen the blue screen.....but I have had my iPhone lock up and reboot on its own after trying to launch an app. That was right after I upgraded to iOS7 on my 5. I have yet to have this problem with my 5S though. Any ideas why this happens Rene?
  • Happened to me as well yesterday in a similar situation - I had a Pages document that I exported as PDF, went to 'Send To Dropbox' - it switched to Dropbox then blue screened.
  • never seen it before until i opened up pages added a pic and clicked share email and it showed a dark bluish screen then respringed. this was on the 5s.
  • This happened to me as well when I open pages or numbers, I go to shut it goes blue then reboots. Sent from the iMore App
  • I only see the BSOD when I open up Numbers or Pages, edit documents, and then press the home button to go back to the home screen. Sent from the iMore App
  • It's happened a couple of times on my 5s.
  • Those teeth would cause any electrical device to reboot. dear lord.
  • Yeah, anytime I try to load horrific pictures of dying teeth, my phone locks up too. Holy cow man...that was the pic you choose to demonstrate the bug?
  • Don't let the media find out about this......they'll blow this out of proportion! And this "glitch" might get compared again to the "glitches" in Washington! LOL
  • It's no biggie, right?
  • This alone will bring on a new stampede of fanboy rage of other devices. That being said though, I've not had a single issue that forces my iPhone 5 to reboot nor my iPad 2. Just sayin' as I can see the trolls waking up to this and having a riot.
  • Ok, well, since you seem to be asking for one, here goes . . .
    Since iwork is now free we are just getting what we paid for =)
  • I have the iWork apps on my iPad 2 which was updated to 7.0.2, still no issues at all. Since my iPhone 5 is a 16GB model and on such a small display, using those apps is rather trivial. Just one modern game eats a huge chunk of storage in comparison to my iPad which is a far more useful 64GB version.
  • Took my 5s to apple yesterday because of bsod and lots of low memory. They replaced it. Wasn't sure what was going on because I have never had this happen on my previous devices.
  • Happened to me on 2 different 5s'. Went back to the apple store they said I had corrupt data. Still happening every time I charge my phone. Going back again today to *hopefully* get it fixed. :/
  • Keep us updated. I have the same issue. Loaded as a new phone, and the crashes are happening from all apps, Even from the main screen. About 3 a day.
  • Is your "my photo stream" on? That was my problem. I switched froma 4s and apparently the photo data got corrupted while transferring. Apparently the data was so corrupted that any time my phone was functioning and tried to go down a path that had bad data it would just shut down. I finally had to restore start as new iPhone and turn "my photo stream" off. Working perfectly now. Also the apple technician mentioned if my iTunes wasn't up to date on my MacBook then that could be causing the corrupt data to transfer onto my new phone. Hope this helps!
  • Why is it called the BSOD? Looks like to me it is just blue screening then rebooting from a crash. Isn't the BSOD when you get a Blue Screen such as in Windows and all you can do is replace hardware or format your PC thus the Death part?
  • the actual crash is the death part. not what has to be done to get back up and running. most times its just a restart.
  • I have never seen it, tried some of the Numbers things and can't replicate it either. 7.0.2 on and iPhone 5. Sent from the iMore App
  • This happens to me on my 5S whenever I switch away from an open iWork document (at least in Pages and Numbers; haven't tested Keynote); if I press the home button, tap on a banner notification, click the power button, call up the multi-tasking menu—anything that takes me away from the open document, it crashes. It's perfectly reliable: I get a blue screen and the device reboots. If I'm in iWork but don't have any documents open, no problem, so the workaround is to exit documents before you switch away from iWork apps. I use iCloud for my documents; don't know if that's relevant.
  • I have iphone 5s, also seen this when in numbers. Happened several times now. I've just stopped using numbers.
  • Yep...a week ago my 5S went into an infinite reboot cycle. 1) Apple logo boot screen, 2) spinning white spoke wheel for about 2 min, 3) bright BSOD for about 1 second followed by #1....rinse and repeat. I could not shut down. I could force a reboot, but it just repeated the above sequence. Connecting to iTunes showed the phone in iTunes and it's music, apps, etc., but would not allow a restore. Called AppleCare+ and they had me try a few things. Finally they determined it was hardware and scheduled a Genius Bar visit. I kept messing with it and later connected to external charger. This brought up a screen that indicated it needed connected to iTunes. After that it allowed a full restore. It's been Ok since then, but it was a time consuming and annoying experience. I was using Waze and Instacast when it started behaving erratically...nothing unusual. It was dropping the cell signal every few seconds. I tried to shutdown and restart, which caused the above reboot loop.
  • OK, after reading this, I tried opening a Pages document on my 5s (something I have not done since getting it on launch day). I clicked the Home button to get out of the app and, yup, I got the blue screen for a second. Then the 5s rebooted. Another problem I've been having is with the voicemail: the phone app has been showing voicemails with "0:00," i.e., nothing in them. Suspicious, I rebooted the phone and then the voicemail apparently downloaded the message. This is very annoying: I cannot afford to miss important business voicemails!
  • Well it would match the new 5C in blue. iOS7 has some bugs left. I touched settings, and the screen was white for at least two, or three min, before showing. Kind of strange. Sent from the iMore App
  • To emjayss, if it's AT
  • Some of our comments are being cut off. iMore problem, or iOS7? Sent from the iMore App
  • I haven't seen the blue screen. But I have seen my phone lock itself and reboot. Sent from the iMore App
  • I've had the problem where it'll kind of freeze and reboot itself on my 5s. It's done it mauve 3 times now since I've had it. Sent from the iMore App
  • Apple stole BSOD from Microsoft! Well, never saw it. *knock on wood* Sent from the iMore App
  • Didn't MS patented it? I smell trouble.
  • Mine crashes commonly, however I've never seen the 'blue' screen of death. I've had to hard reset a few times as well to get my phone to respond again ... Sent from the iMore App
  • You can get it if you don't close a Pages document before exiting the app. But beware, this may delete documents off iCloud. I lost a bunch a few days ago, and Apple is trying to find the documents in an Apple backup on their servers to restore for me. This is a known problem. The workaround is to make sure you close a document before exiting the app.
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  • Is this normal for apple phones..!!?
    I own a Z10 and a nexus 4, thinking to replace my nexus with a 5s...!
    I think it is better to wait for the Kitkat android upgrade before doing the replacement.
  • Apologies for joining this issue late, just encountered the blue screen. Unable to fix it, is there anyway of getting the iPad up and running again without losing any data on the device. Yes, stupid but no backup ! ... Any help appreciated
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