iPad Pro Smart Keyboard cover announced

During Apple's press event in San Francisco, the company revealed a new keyboard cover made specifically for the newly revealed iPad Pro. It's been made so owners of the large tablet can have a physical typing experience, while also offering a cover that folds up as well.

The Smart Keyboard is covered in woven fabric and each key has a dome switch similar to the keyboard on the MacBook (which had the dome under the butterfly mechanism). Apple says:

The fabric also provides the spring-like tension for each key, eliminating the need for conventional mechanisms. So the Smart Keyboard is just 4 mm thin while providing the accuracy, stability, and satisfying key feel you expect.Unlike traditional keyboards, there are no gaps between keys. And it's coated in a water‑ and stain‑resistant finish, so the Smart Keyboard is resistant to stains and spilling.

Apple also provided information on the materials on the Smart Keyboard:

The cover panels of the Smart Keyboard are composed of three materials. Just like the Smart Cover, the top layer is made of durable polyurethane and the bottom layer is a soft microfiber lining, which protects the screen and keeps it clean when the Smart Keyboard is folded. The middle layer is what makes the Smart Keyboard truly advanced. It's composed of a new conductive fabric material that ensures seamless communication between iPad Pro and the Smart Keyboard.

The Smart Keyboard cover has a new 3-pin connector. It not only offers a magnetic connection to the iPad Pro it also allows for power and data connections. The iPad Pro's software automatically adapts to the attached keyboard. Apple says:

You'll find it on the connecting edge of the Smart Keyboard as well as on the side of iPad Pro. The Smart Connector works hand in hand with the conductive fabric inside the Smart Keyboard to allow for a two‑way exchange of power and data. So you can enjoy a simple yet sophisticated way to type.

The price will be $169 for the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard. It will go on sale in November, presumably around the same time as the iPad Pro tablet itself.

Source: Apple (opens in new tab)

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  • Wow, its a surface pro.
  • Two years ago, Apple was like - A laptop and a tablet can never combine. Then, Surface Pro 3 happened.
  • Wow, what a ripoff of Microsoft surface Pro... they event have the pen-cil... haha
  • In 2017, Apple will be introducing THE USB PORT.
  • predy much copy from the surface 3 keaybord...
  • Companies borrow features all the time. Apple isn't copying Microsoft at all. It looks like they fixed the lapability issue with the Surface. If anything, Apple is using the designs of their third party accessories partners for their keyboard and pencil. Microsoft needs to step it up with the Surface Pro 4, Apple just killed it today.
  • Fucking fanboy ! "Lapability"
  • All tech websites complained that it wasn't easy to use the Surface on your lap. I've had no issues with my Surface RT. All I was saying is that Apple didn't copy Microsoft. They both borrow features that in the end benefit the end user. Lets see what the SP4 can bring to he table.
  • Hahah jokes on you fanboy, surface pro 3 already did happened !
  • First, I think you meant to say "...already happened". Second, don't get your panties in a bunch, relax. You like the iPad Pro? Buy it. You don't like it? Don't buy it. Pretty simple bud.
    With that said, I've never been a fan of Microsoft and hate using Windows; that's just preference. I'm sure there are a lot of folks that feel the same way. As a result, I wouldn't purchase a Surface. I prefer the Apple ecosystem.
  • Uh, are you serious? I'll assume the delusional fanboyism isnt that deep. 1. Apple actually blasted the idea of doing this not too long ago.
    2. Apple likes to take others to court when others "borrow".
    3. This is still a big ipod with a keyboard and stylus. Surface Pro runs a FULL windows 10. The whole thing is amusing.
  • This^^^
  • The sticking point is that Apple said they created this revolutionary keyboard when they did not. If they just stated as a new type of accessory for the Pro that would be fine but claiming you invented it is a different thing. Microsoft uses the MagSafe connector on the Surface Pro and actually gave credit to Apple and said they licensed it from them. Give credit where credit is due or at least don't take it. That said. I don't see anything the iPad Pro does better than the Surface Pro 3. The Surface Pro 3 has a better price point and more features with the same premium build quality. I think the main ones to benefit from the iPad pro are the ones who insist on Apple only but liked the Surface. Sent from the iMore App
  • You right bro !
  • Um the fanboy is you especially with the name... Of course fanboys know who the other fanboys are right my princess Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I am a big fan of windows, but don't get me wrong, i use iphone 6, lg g3 and lumia 1020. But i use surface pro 3 for work.
  • I thought $120 for the Surface keyboard was a touch steep. Apple must want to make it seem reasonable. Posted via my HTC One (M7)
  • Is that a surface pro 4 by apple ?
  • Bet it went like this: Apple wants to license Microsoft's keyboard cover patent, Microsoft wants some exclusivity and guarantees on launching new MS Office apps for iOS. Deal is done.
  • Makes sense. Too bad iPad Pro still runs iOS and not a desktop class OS like OSX or Windows 10
  • Wow, so the Surface Pro 3 Type-Keyboard (which includes a touch pad) was $119 and a replacement stylus the Surface Pro 3 is about $50. Heck, the Academic price for the full Intel Core I3 Surface Pro 3 (including pen, but not keyboard) is only $1100.... Why would anyone want an iPad Pro? Is it going to run full OSX soon or something? I just don't get it.