Apple's iPad lineup likely to get a complete refresh next year

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Apple has had a great run with the iPad over the years, with multiple series introduced for different types of users. However, it's having a bit of a slump lately. Despite the introduction of the redesigned base iPad, the lineup remains confusing, and a tad bit dated right now.

However, we might be in for a change, but just not this year. Apple is apparently preparing to refresh its iPad lineup across the board in 2024, which would mean new models of all the iPads it currently sells. In his new Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman said that the entire iPad lineup is due for a refresh next year.

No iPad launches in 2023 point to a complete refresh in 2024

Apple hasn't launched an iPad in 2023, and according to Gurman's last update, we're not getting new iPads until March 2024. Gurman is now saying that we're getting new iPads across the whole lineup during 2024. He doesn't say all of them will arrive at once, but we're likely to see them all within the next year.

Gurman wrote, "Apple could have tried to rush out more new products, but revamped iPads and AirPods aren’t yet ready. The company plans to update its entire iPad lineup during 2024. New low-end AirPods are coming next year as well, with a refreshed Pro model following in 2025."

Gurman discussed how the lack of new iPads is going to hit Apple during the holiday season. This is the first year without an iPad refresh since the very first iPad launched back in 2010.

There have been a bunch of rumors already about the upcoming OLED iPad Pros, the iPad Air 6, which may have two models, and the iPad mini 7, which is bound to fix the jelly scrolling issue. Hopefully, there will also be an iPad SE joining the lineup at a lower price tag than the redesigned base iPad.

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