Did this iPad Pro Cyber Monday deal finally push me over the edge? This $100 iPad Mini saving might for you

iPad Mini 6
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I, despite working for an Apple site, don't own an iPad. I've used loads, and I love their big screens and powerful processors. But I've just never been too pressed with the idea of actually buying one. I've seriously considered it many times over the years, but I'm still yet to slip one in my bag. This $100 saving on the iPad Mini has, I'll admit, had me very tempted to hit that buy button, and perhaps you should take a good look too.

Do I buy an iPad Mini for $100 off?

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This deal brings the little iPad Mini 6 down to its lowest price ever, where its sat for the whole weekend. The last time this price came around it didn't last long, so make sure you snap one up before Cyber Monday wraps up.

So, did the deal sway me? It is, after all, a great saving on a stunning piece of hardware.


I am still going to remain iPad-less until the time comes when I feel like the price and the need coincide more, and then I'll slip one into my pocket. For now, I'll keep reading my comic books in physical form, and watching Netflix on my laptop. 

Does that mean you shouldn't pick an iPad Mini up for this price? Absolutely not, this is still a fantastic deal on one of the best iPads around. It's small enough to get into any bag you might choose, and the detail that small screen is capable of replicating has to be seen to be believed. It's well worth it at this price.

You'll also want to pick up one of the best iPad Mini cases to make sure it doesn't get scratched up the moment it hits your bag.

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