iPadOS 17 could have one more thing up its sleeve - bigger iPads for 2024

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Rumors have suggested that a bigger iPad is in the works for 2024, with iPadOS 17 being made to be compatible with this new model, alongside some new features.

According to Twitter user @analyst941, which has accurately leaked Apple's plans before, a 14.1-inch iPad model powered by an M3 chip is slated to run with iPadOS 17, which will also be able to run two 4K Monitors at a 60Hz refresh rate at once.

Compared to the current iPad models that can only do this with one, it could be a big deal for those who use multiple monitors for video editing.

There have been constant rumors of a bigger iPad coming, and with Stage Manager launching in a rough state with iPadOS 16 in 2022, it at least showed potential for how a bigger display could benefit the feature, such as resizing a bunch of apps at once on a big canvas.

But with the confusing lineup that iPad already offers, could a bigger model muddle the waters even more?

Will this help clear the iPad confusion?

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As we've said before, if you're looking to buy or upgrade a new iPad, you have so many choices that you could get confused after a few minutes.

So to add yet another model to the lineup could make you wonder if Apple has greater plans for the tablet at WWDC this year.

It's no secret that Stage Manager, the latest effort to redesign how multitasking works on iPad, hasn't been a great success. Even in iPadOS 16.4, using the feature can sometimes crash the home screen, causing a restart, while some apps will randomly switch between displaying in a smaller size and then disappearing completely.

But with rumors that the Health app is finally moving over to the tablet, alongside the redesigned Lock Screen from iOS 16, it could have a bunch of new features that could make the tablet easier and more enjoyable to use for power users.

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Yet that doesn't solve the issue of how many iPads are available at once, alongside which accessories work with which model.

For example, the Magic Keyboard Folio for the iPad (2022) that has a function row doesn't work with an 11-inch iPad Pro. But the iPad Pro's Magic Keyboard for this doesn't have a function row, so you have to reach for Control Center to access some features such as brightness settings.

It's a confusing affair, so hopefully we see a simplification of the line by the time 2023 ends, and once a 14.1-inch iPad model arrives, it makes much more sense for it to arrive.

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