iPhone 11 to feature multi-angle Face ID, improved low light capabilities, says report

What you need to know

  • Bloomberg claims the iPhone Pro will feature a triple-camera setup.
  • Some of the other new features may include multi-angle Face ID, reverse wireless charging, and Haptic Touch instead of 3D Touch.
  • iPhone XR successor will reportedly feature a dual-camera setup.

A few weeks before Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 11, several new details have been revealed in a Bloomberg report. Many of the details appear to corroborate earlier reports, but they further confirm what to expect.

According to Bloomberg, the "Pro iPhones" will indeed feature a triple-camera setup, which will allow users to take ultra-wide, wide, and zoomed in shots, similar to what we've seen from some Android competitors. The triple-camera setup will apparently capture three high resolution images simultaneously and use AI to combine the photos.

The new camera system will also feature "significantly upgraded" video capabilities, including a feature that will allow users to manipulate their footage in real time, such as altering colors and applying effects.

Many of the device's biggest features appear to be focused on the camera.

Other new features include multi-angle Face ID, so the facial recognition feature is easier to use, as well as reverse wireless charging, which will allow iPhone Pro owners to charge the most recent AirPods.

Bloomberg claims Apple's Pro iPhones will look similar to the current models, but will feature a matte finish and new shatter-resistant technology.

The iPhone 11 is also expected to feature improved water resistance and a brand new OLED display, which we recently heard would be the same one used in the Galaxy Note 10. These displays won't feature 3D Touch, but instead use Haptic Touch, which Apple introduced with the iPhone XR.

Speaking of the iPhone XR, the sequel will apparently feature a dual-camera setup, similar to Apple's existing models, and be offered in a new green color.

Finally, Bloomberg's report says that none of Apple's new devices will feature 5G; that technology is reportedly arriving next year. For now, users should expect a faster A13 processor and a new component chip that will take some heavy lifting away from the main chip, Bloomberg said.

In addition to updates to the iPhone, Apple is also expected to introduce a new Apple Watch, MacBook Pro, and iPad.

Apple is expected to hold an event on September 10, so we'll get official confirmation very soon.

Brandon Russell