Did you just get a new iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or even Apple TV on Black Friday? We're guessing some of you took advantage of the once a year sale, or simply the excuse to be in the store, and picked up a special treat for yourself or a loved one. Either way, once you're powered up and ready to go you might just be wondering what to do next? Don't worry TiPb's got your back!

  • Get updated: Chances are your new iPhone or iPod touch came with iOS 4.1 and your iPad came with iOS 3.2 out of the box which means the minute you plug it into iTunes you'll see there's an iOS 4.2 software update just waiting for you. Download it and let iTunes do its thing. If you're upgrading from a previous generation iPhone or iPod touch you can restore your data and apps once you've updated. If you're setting up an iPad we don't recommend using an iPhone or iPod backup as it can make things glitchy. Set it up as new now and save yourself some headaches later. (And hey, if you like tips like this, check out our tips section for more!)

  • Get up to speed. If you're brand new to iPhone or iPod touch take a moment and check out our iOS 4 walkthrough. It covers all the basics about multitasking, folders, etc. If you're upgrading, check out our iOS 4.2 walkthrough for highlights of what's new in the latest software. For new iPad owners, our iOS 4.2 for iPad walkthrough is a must-read. If you're in a rush and just want to get started now, now, now, each walkthrough begins with an "everything you need to know in 10 minutes video" so click, watch, and get going!

  • Get apps and games. There are hundreds of thousands of iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps in the iTunes App Store and more and more of them have now been updated to really show off things like the new Retina Display graphics, iPad screen size, and multitasking. We're keeping track of them in our Apps section which is full of the latest news and reviews.

  • Get accessories. Every Apple device looks the same and every Apple Store sells the same stuff. If you're wanting something different -- a splash of color, a bit of style, a new look, check out the TiPb iPhone + iPad accessory store, and regardless of where you shop, check out our accessory reviews for all the pros, cons, and ratings.

  • Get talking. If you just want to talk about your new iPhone 4, iPod touch, iPad, or Apple TV and all those apps and accessories, or if you need help getting started (or to trouble-shoot bugs), or advice and recommendations, we have the best community on the web waiting for you (yes, you!): TiPb Forums. We've even got a Jailbreak Forum if you're curious and want to more about taking your iPhone into expert mode.

Still not enough? Check out the other posts. We've got contests and give-aways, polls and award votes, bug fixes and how tos, and much, much more. Bookmark TiPb now and come back often, we want to hear from you!