Did you buy an Apple FineWoven iPhone 15 case (and is it already as beat up as this one)?

The iPhone 15 Pro with a Pacific Blue Apple FineWoven case on.
(Image credit: Gerald Lynch / Future)

Apple’s FineWoven case, the replacement for its leather iPhone cases, was met with ridicule when it launched due to awkward-feeling materials and mediocre looks, yet things have only gotten worse since then. 

Joanna Stern, a senior personal tech columnist for the Wall Street Journal, reported in her newsletter that her FineWoven case has started to fade in just a few months. Not only have the edges started to peel away and scratches have been found all over the material but there is notable fading in the middle of the phone where MagSafe chargers sit. 

After stating the case is “browning like a rotten banana”, Stern went on to say, “I’ve been waiting for the CDC to show up at my house to declare it a biomedical concern.” For context, the case in question was an Apple black FineWoven case, which you can spot on the Apple Store here. You might be forgiven for thinking the case was originally a deep brown, as the picture appears to be a lighter shade of brown and not the black expected. 

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In the comments to Stern’s post on X, @Javi_J showed off their MagSafe Duo, a wireless charger for iPhone, which has been discolored by their burgundy FineWoven case. User @LelloucheNico showed off their blue FineWoven case, which fared better than Stern’s but still has noticeable discoloration where the MagSafe wallet has been placed, with the wallet itself becoming incredibly washed out. 

We noticed these problems a few months ago, too. In our 2.5-star review of the FineWoven case in October, we said, “Apple FineWoven iPhone 15 cases are uncomfortable to hold, prone to stains and scratches, and expensive”. Though Apple’s efforts to step away from leather are commendable, we’d advise skipping this one. If you’re looking for good cases, check out our lists of the best iPhone 15 cases and best iPhone 15 Pro Max cases.

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  • iebock
    I just knew these were going to be junk. Removing the leather ones was a huge mistake. I'll stick with he silicon at this point.
  • Iconoclysm
    iebock said:
    I just knew these were going to be junk. Removing the leather ones was a huge mistake. I'll stick with he silicon at this point.
    Right, because leather looks spotless after a few months? This isn't meant to be a piece of ageless plastic, they sell that too.
  • SteveFeinstein
    I have one, it looks fine (no pun intended). Does that girl not wash her hands, or drop the phone in dirt a lot?