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You're going to love the latest iPhone, especially with the extra screen real estate you're getting with the iPhone 15 Plus. That 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR OLED 460 ppi display will go up to 2000 nits of brightness in the sun. And let's not forget, the Dynamic Island has trickled down from the Pro lineup to add extra functionality. Keep that screen pristine with one of the best iPhone 15 Plus screen protectors from day one.

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Do I really need a screen protector on my iPhone 15 Plus?

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Of course that's up to you, but we recommend it. On my own personal iPhone, I always get AppleCare+, I use one of the best iPhone cases, and I use a screen protector. The one time I went without a screen protector, I got ugly micro-scratches all over the screen, which I found quite distracting. When I worked at the Apple Store, I can't even tell you how many people came in with cracked screens, regretting not having protected their iPhone screens.

Will my old screen protector fit the iPhone 15 Plus?

Don't count on it. The iPhone 15 Plus is ever so slightly narrower than the iPhone 14 Plus, and it has the Dynamic Island. So any notch cutouts at the top will interfere with functionality. If you do have an old 6.7-inch screen protector lying around, you can try it. Depending how it's cut, it might fit alright. But if you're buying new, I'd suggest buying one made for the iPhone 15 Plus.

Which iPhone 15 Plus screen protector should I buy?

Any of the screen protectors in our roundup will work great, it really just depends on the features that matter most to you. But the OtterBox iPhone 15 Plus Premium Pro Screen Protector with Blue Light Guard stands out because it has so many great features for a simple slice of glass. People buy blue light blocking glasses; this screen protector is the same idea: blocking blue light which can interfere with sleep and possibly cause eye strain. The anti-microbial protection is a nice touch, we could all do with fewer germs on our devices (but please, remember to clean and disinfect your iPhone regardless.) Six-foot drop protection should cover most spills and bumps. Plus, the lifetime limited warranty means that you don't have to keep buying screen protectors for the same device.

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