iPhone 15 event will be a largely pre-recorded feature showcase, says reliable source

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Rumors for the iPhone 15 are heating up, with its event likely set to take place on September 12, and now the answer to whether or not the event will be live or pre-recorded all but seems to be confirmed.

Apple has been pre-recording its keynotes since the COVID-19 pandemic back in 2020, when many had to quarantine. And while recent events such as WWDC 2023 have allowed an in-person gathering, the keynote was still a video presentation.

According to Mark Gurman, it looks like the iPhone 15 event is going to do something similar once again, almost mirroring the iPhone 14 event back in September 2022.

The days of Tim Cook playing to a crowd are over

In the grand scheme of Apple events, it makes sense for this to now be the standard. It removes the risk of certain demos going wrong, or certain speakers fluffing their lines in front of a huge audience of influencers and journalists.

It gives Apple more control over what’s shown and even allows the pre-recorded video to have certain clips cut if Apple decides to remove a feature when it’s close to the wire.

For instance, the third-generation iPod Touch was meant to include a camera, before it was hastily removed close to its announcement. Decisions like this could be made for certain products even closer to an event, now that the keynotes are pre-recorded.

But while this event looks to be similar to the iPhone 14 event, it’s the hands-on element following the video that will be most important here. After almost a year of what the next iPhone will include, having an outside opinion of what the new features are will be important to customers who have been waiting to upgrade.

You could argue that there hasn't been an iPhone event with a sense of grandeur since the announcement of the iPhone 6 line, where it was held in a giant theatre. So perhaps it's time to see the return of these when it comes to Apple inevitably hosting an event for the iPhone 16 in 2024.

For now, however, it looks like September 12 will herald another pre-recorded presentation by Apple, where we'll finally see whether iPhone 15 will include a USB-C port, alongside other rumored improvements.

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