iPhone 15 launch event may be just 34 days away

iPhone launch event
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Every year, around the same time and in the same place, Tim Cook takes to the stage at Apple Park to reveal the latest iPhone models to come out of his Cupertino-based firm. This year is no different, and there are now equal parts conjecture and informed guesses as to when the event will happen.

iPhone reveal close at hand

As the rumors build and the anticipation rises, the excitement for the iPhone 15 launch event is at a fever pitch — and now we are getting more solid news about when the reveal is going to be. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has the latest estimate, and is perhaps the most informed and trustworthy punter to tell us when the event is, taking to Twitter to put forward his prediction for the date.

“Signs are increasingly pointing to Sept. 12 as the iPhone 15 event launch date” he says, replying to a previous tweet of his own about the launch and eventual release dates for the iPhone 15 models.

This date would match previous events, which have almost all happened in September, within the first two weeks of the month. The release of the handsets themselves are subject to a great deal of speculation this year, however, as some analysts see supply chain issues that could slow the release of the latest iPhone.

iPhone 15 event date: iMore’s take

At this point, we’ve seen loads of dates from different industry heads that seem to correlate fairly well, if deviating by about a day. September 12 and 13 are currently the dates we hear the most, and with Gurman putting his money on the 12, we’d be inclined to place our bets there.

Of course, given the fickle nature of these things, there could well be change between now and then, giving Gurman (and us) some wiggle room if things don’t match up with predictions. Given the amount we’ve heard about this date, however, we’re pretty comfortable in our position.

The iPhone event is one that we’ll be watching of course, so that we can see if the new iPhones are coming with everything we’re expecting; USB-C, new camera and battery tech, new Pro design, the works. This is shaping up to be a big year for iPhone, after all.

Also to make an appearance; the Apple Watch Series 9. The smart device almost always gets released around the same time as the latest iPhones, and this time there could also be the Apple Watch Ultra 2, and the potential for an update to the Apple Watch SE.

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