iPhone 15 Pro's most exciting new display feature could also be coming to a future iPad

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As September draws ever nearer by the day, so too does the imminent arrival of the new iPhone models — along with all the requisite rumors. In Mark Gurman's latest 'Power On' newsletter for Bloomberg, he reiterates one of the most exciting rumors for the iPhone 15 Pro; that the bezels around the screens will be further slimming down.

The tech, named 'LIPO' (Low-Injection Pressure Over-molding) by Apple, will 'shrink the border size around the display to 1.5mm', around .7mm thinner than those on the current iPhones.

Now, Gurman says this technology may also be destined for Apple's future iPads, too. That could mean thinner bezels on the iPad, which would be a fantastic upgrade considering the bezels on even Apple's best iPad, the iPad Pro, are pretty massive by comparison to the iPhone. 

Slimmer bezels, and more

LIPO technology was first used in the Apple Watch Series 7 so that Apple could shrink the borders of the display, and add in a larger useable touch display area. Now, as the tech becomes cheaper, Apple is able to implement it on larger devices. iPhones, being the next biggest devices, are next in line (although it looks like it will only be used on the Pro models), and then, Gurman tells us, the iPad line could come later.

Gurman notes other significant rumors as well; there is going to be a new USB-C port on the bottom edge of the device, the non-Pro models are getting Dynamic Island, there's going to be a new titanium finish for the Pro models, smoother edges all around, big camera upgrades, and 3nm production chips for the Pro iPhones. 

Alas, not all the rumors are around the tech inside the iPhones — it looks like we'll be paying more for the latest phones out of Cupertino. Gurman notes, adding some context, that a move to costlier titanium and the new beefed-up camera modules could well be to blame.

Either way, the new iPhone models coming out later this year look to be significantly different from the previous models. While iPhone 14 may have felt like an iterative update, the iPhone 15 line seems to be shaking things up a bit more.

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