iPhone 15 USB-C shift could see Apple store employees push you to buy a new charger

iPhone 11 charging port
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Apple store employees will reportedly encourage you to look into a USB-C charging adapter with your new iPhone 15, in order to help ease the switch from a Lightning port to USB-C.

According to yeux1122 on Naver, if you decide to visit an Apple store once the iPhone 15 has been announced, staff will have been trained to explain the benefits of the new charging port. They will also help you look at many USB-C chargers and accessories that can replace the ones you’ve owned for years.

With iPads and Macs using a USB-C port for years now, the transition should be a simpler affair compared to the introduction of Lighting in 2012. Lightning introduced an entirely new, Apple-specific connector that no one had used before, after all —  while people are already more invested in USB-C, there are going to be some pain points to address for those who only use iPhone.

The Times They Are a-Changin —  iMore’s take

This approach by Apple is nothing new, as I recall my local store doing something similar back in 2012 when the iPhone 5 switched from a 30-pin adapter to Lightning. I was one of those who had bought a bunch of adapters that made my iPhone 5 work with a 30-pin speaker, but I was always worried that my new phone would fall off at any moment with the extra height and lessened security in the connection.

As the entire iPhone 15 line is changing to a port that’s not Apple-exclusive anymore, it’s a benefit to everyone in the long run. You can use USB-C cables that you may already own for your Nintendo Switch for instance.

I can’t wait for this switch, as I also have plugs and other devices that use USB-C exclusively, so my iPhone 13 Pro has been the odd one out for some time.

While I’ve been waiting for this switch to come to the iPhone, there will be others who own a bunch of Lightning cables and accessories. This is where Apple store employees will be their first port of call, especially if they want to upgrade to iPhone 15. Being briefed will reassure these users, but the bottom line is that some customers are going to have to spend some extra cash when they buy an iPhone 15. 

Reassurance will be the important point here though, as many don’t like change. But with the iPhone 15 switching to a USB-C port, it’s one that’s necessary, and that’s only going to help everyone in the long run.

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  • Annie_M
    What an interesting choice of words! I have never experienced a pushy Apple Store employee. I would expect them to inform customers about the change of chargers, so that they can get one if they need one.
  • scruffypig
    My charger will stay the same as it has for the past few years. If apple decides to adopt USB C jack on the iPhone, then I will have a problem since the USB jack on my 2023 vehicle that I use for CarPlay, is USB A. That means buying a special shorter USB C to USB A cable, since all the USB C to A cables I have are about 6 ft.