Your expensive BMW might break your expensive iPhone 15

iPhone 15 Pro with a titanium finish running iOS 17
(Image credit: Gerald Lynch / Future / Apple)

BMW — The ultimate driving machine, and now, apparently, a potential killer of iPhone 15 NFC chips. Users have taken to X to share their problems after sticking their brand-new phones on the wireless charging pads in their expensive luxury cars, only to discover that the iPhone will no longer make Apple Pay payments.

For two luxury brands like Apple and BMW, this is less than stellar — and both are likely now looking for a fix for those affected and yet to be affected.

What’s happening?

The wireless charging pads in BMW cars are, for some reason, frying the NFC chips in user’s (or driver’s) iPhones, rendering the phone unable to use some of its key features. Those affected by the bug report that their iPhones go into recovery mode upon removal from the charger and then the NFC chip stops working when powering back on.

Apparently, the issue appears to be affecting the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max rather than the iPhone 15 standard — which is interesting after the continued reports of overheating in the same models.

The NFC chip doesn’t just make Apple Pay work. Some of the iPhone 15s' biggest features use the technology, like digital car keys and more. It doesn’t completely leave the iPhone as an expensive paperweight, but it does highlight the need to be careful from now on.

iPhone 15 Pro launch issues — iMore’s take

The iPhone 15 Pro has been oddly plagued with issues, and it mostly comes down to the overheating problem that many are experiencing with their new devices. One user even found their iPhone 15 Pro inflated, as the battery grew during charging — not ideal.

This wireless charging issue is just one in a series of problems with the iPhone 15 Pro, and while it’s the phone we’d recommend grabbing this time round, make sure you don’t have a BMW — or better if you do have a BMW, that you don’t use the wireless charging.

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