Movie buffs listen up, the U.S. iTunes store has a great selection of movie bundles for sale, with some reduced to frankly ridiculous prices. The selection covers a wide range of movies, and includes such hit titles as the Back to the Future trilogy, the X-Men quadrilogy, the Die Hard series and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Perhaps one of the best price reductions comes on the full Harry Potter collection, though.

Right now, you can purchase a bundle of every single Harry Potter movie for just $9.99. That's less than $2 a movie. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Matrix Trilogy are also down to $9.99, with a variety of other bundles to choose from at different price points. At this point there's not much to see here in the UK, but if you're somewhere outside the U.S. and see some of these special offers, hit us up in the comments and let us know where you are!

UPDATE: Harry Potter looks to have been a mistake and is no longer discounted to $10. Hope you grabbed it while you had the chance!

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