Jessica's most-used iPhone and iPad apps of 2011

It has taken me so long to write up my most used apps of 2011 because - how was I supposed to choose just five apps? However, I've managed to narrow it down. My first home screen page is dedicated to my most used apps. This list isn't in any particular, so here we go!

  • Jessica


I live and breathe this app 24/7. I can't live without it. My entire life is stored within it. It's way more than a password manager to me. 1Password has the best customer support and it's a well designed, easy to use app.

Echofon Pro for Twitter

I love Twitter but trying to keep up with my timeline was killing me. It wasn't bad when I was only using Twitter via my iPhone. Then I added my iMac to the mix and it got a tad bit more complicated. And, well, I was completely done for once I got an iPad. Echofon is my Twitter app of choice. Echofon had tweet syncing long before other apps and Tweet Marker. Tweet syncing is my number one priority when it comes to any Twitter client. But that's not the only thing I love about Echofon. It's a universal app and it's inline photo/video preview is topnotch! It's not the prettiest Twitter app but it is one of the most function. I'll take function over pretty any day of the week. The Mac app is full of awesome too.


Oh how I love this app! This is app is AMAZING! It doesn't get the credit it deserves either. This app does so much. You can customize it as little or as much as you like because it has a TON of features and settings. I'm pretty hardcore when it comes to my podcasts because I'm subscribed to so many. I like to be as efficient as possible so I love how I have control over every feed individually. This app is universal and the iCloud syncing rocks.


I still adore this app. The latest update has fixed everything I didn't like when I made iBooks my Pick of the Week many months ago. 'Nuff said!


What can I say about this app that hasn't already been said by Rene, Ally, Andrew, and Chris? So I'll just say, "Ditto" but I'll also say the Mac version rocks too.

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