Jon Stewart's new show, 'The Problem with Jon Stewart,' is coming to Apple TV+ fall 2021

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What you need to know

  • "The Problem with Jon Stewart" is launching on Apple TV+ in Fall 2021.
  • There will be multiple seasons of the current affairs show.
  • Each episode will be one-hour long and fopcus on a single issue relating to national events, as well as Stewart's advocacy work.

It's been six years since Jon Stewart quit "The Daily Show," but he's set to return in fall 2021 with a new Apple TV+ current affairs series named "The Problem with Jon Stewart."

It was reported last October that Jon Stewart signed a multi-year deal with Apple for a new current events series. In February, we learned that some of the staff for the show include CBS news veteran Brinda Adhikari.

The information from today reveal the show's title, "The Problem with Jon Stewart," and the show will feature one-hour long episodes that discuss current affairs. This series is already set for multiple seasons, and each one-hour episode will discuss a single issue, exploring topics that are part of the national conversation at large, as well as Stewart's advocacy work, according to a press release from Apple.

This will be Stewart's first return to television since his run on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" ended in 2015. The show received 20 Emmy awards.

"The Problem with Jon Stewart" will be hosted and executively produced by Stewart through Busboy Productions. While we learned that Brind Adhikari will be part of the show, other staff include Stewart's longtime manager James Dixon, as well as Richard Plepler through EDEN Productions, which also has an exclusive overall production deal with Apple. The head writer is Chelsea Devantez and executive in charge of production is Lorrie Baranek.

Apple has also said that Apple TV+ has partnered with Busboy Productions for a first-look deal on other projects that will be produced and developed for Apple's streaming service.

Stewart will be joining a slew of other storytellers at Apple TV+, including Oprah Winfrey, Idris Elba, Alfonso Cuaron, and more. You can access Apple TV+ through the best iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV, as well as other compatible devices.

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