Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link for iOS: Everything you need to know

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Protagonist
Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Protagonist (Image credit: SQUARE ENIX)

Kingdom Hearts is the game franchise that keeps on giving. An unusual marriage between Final Fantasy and Disney worlds, these games feature epic storylines and action-filled combat. After 20 years, the series has more fans than ever, despite its convoluted storyline. During the 20th anniversary event, Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link was announced for iOS and Android devices. While the trailer remained cryptic, we could glean some interesting information through closer inspection and fan translations.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Trailer

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link was first announced during the Kingdom Hearts 20th-anniversary presentation. While there isn't a separate trailer for each game announced, you can see the Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link trailer by clicking on the video.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Characters

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Character

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Character (Image credit: SQUARE ENIX)

It's unclear whether players will be able to customize their own character or whether they will have to switch between a set number of story-based characters. So far in the trailer, at least six different player characters were shown. As for which classic Kingdom Hearts characters are slated to make a return, the trailer did not divulge that information.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Story

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Heartless Combat

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Heartless Combat (Image credit: SQUARE ENIX)

Not much was said about the game's story, and the trailer is in Japanese for the time being. However, Techilive provided a translation of what was said during the announcement trailer's voiceover:

"Light and darkness brought about the beginning, and hearts nurtured it. Life was passed down time and time again, until the land was filled with thriving people. This is a city for light and darkness, dreams and distortion, the remembered and the forgotten – Scala ad Caelum. The Missing Link. Here, people gathered to be a part of a whole, in societies that sprawled and branched like like veins through the city. The night you awoke in this world, the stars shone contorted in the pitch-black sky."

Familiar landscapes from the first Kingdom Hearts game can be seen in the trailer and more modern environments like Kingdom Hearts III's Tangled world. It's unclear how many Disney worlds will be featured, but we're sure they'll be as nostalgic as those in past titles. According to Ryuji over at KH13, the game chronologically falls between Union Cross finale and the start of Dark Road.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Gameplay

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Heartless Boss

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Heartless Boss (Image credit: SQUARE ENIX)

According to the official Square Enix blog, players can take on hordes of Heartless with friends. A translation of a Q&A done by Ryuji claims that up to six friends will be able to play together and that Missing-Link will have action elements to its gameplay reminiscent of the mainline titles.

It looks like players will be able to switch their view between landscape and portrait mode seamlessly. The trailer shows the player entering what seems to be a battle arena upon encountering Heartless. Large-scale boss battles were featured in the trailer as well, perfect for players who desire a bit more challenge.

Kyuji's translation also reveals two gameplay systems: a traditional story mode similar to mainline Kingdom Hearts titles, where the player sets out to complete quests that advance the story, and a walking mode similar to Pokémon GO, where players walk around in real life to collect items in the game. Thankfully, there should be a way to earn these items without spending time walking miles in the real world. The items collected are apparently pieces with which players can strengthen their Keyblades.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Closed beta

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Closed Beta

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Closed Beta (Image credit: SQUARE ENIX)

A closed beta for the game was announced for both iOS and Android users in select regions. However, no information on how interested players can join the closed beta or which regions are supported has been announced. No release date has been announced as of the time of this writing. We'll be sure to update this space as soon as new information is announced.

Classic Kingdom Hearts on your phone

With every new Kingdom Hearts game comes an equal number of answers to old questions and new questions for fans to mull over. While we won't know the extent to which the story will influence other games, it's great to see a fleshed-out Kingdom Hearts experience available for on-the-go play. If you're looking to play this game during the closed beta, be sure to check out the best gaming cases for your iPhone.

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