Ahead of Nintendo Direct, a new Kirby game has been leaked by Nintendo Japan

Kirby Star Allies Nintendo Switch Hero
Kirby Star Allies Nintendo Switch Hero (Image credit: iMore (screenshot))

What you need to know

  • The Nintendo Japan website has a page for all upcoming releases to the Nintendo Switch console.
  • Listed as coming in "Spring 2022" is a brand-new Kirby game, possibly with the name "Kirby: Discovery of the Stars."
  • We don't have any information on the upcoming Kirby game besides the key art, but it seems likely it's in the works.
  • We may learn more about the potential new Kirby game during today's Nintendo Direct game event.

Nintendo is hosting a new Nintendo Direct today, which will feature announcements and updates for upcoming games on the Nintendo Switch. Ahead of the event, thanks to NintendoLife, we may now know of a brand-new unannounced game for the Switch starring none other than the all-powerful Kirby.

Kirby Discovery Of The Stars Leak Image (Image credit: Nintendo | NintendoLife)

Nintendo Japan's website contains a list of upcoming releases for the Switch, which currently contains a listing for a new Kirby game (according to Google Translate, the game is called "Kirby: Discovery of the Stars"), as well as a slick-looking image. We know nothing about the potential game at the moment, and the website listing currently doesn't work. However, it seems likely that the game is in fact real, due to the location of the leak.

Until Nintendo makes an official announcement, you should still take this with a tiny pinch of salt. It seems almost certain that this mysterious Kirby game exists, though, and we may hear more during today's Nintendo Direct. If and when Kirby arrives in an all-new format, it seems like that it'll be considered one of the best Nintendo Switch games you can play.

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