The LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar is still available at Walmart and it's on sale for $24

Harry Potter LEGO Advent Calendar
Harry Potter LEGO Advent Calendar (Image credit: LEGO)

I always seem to miss out on the super cool advent calendar toys, like the Funko Pop minifigs, or the Star Wars LEGO advent calendar. I thought I had missed out on the Harry Potter Advent Calendar set, too, but to my surprise, it's still available at Walmart, and what's more incredible is that it's on sale for 40% off for Cyber Monday. You can order this sought-after holiday treat today and have a month's worth of little surprises waiting for you every morning.

Harry Potter LEGO Advent Calendar

Harry Potter LEGO Advent Calendar

Considering how difficult it is to even find this tiny Hogwarts scene at all, it's amazing that it's on sale for Cyber Monday.

Advent calendars are an entire month (24 days, to be exact) of Christmas joy. Whether your advent calendar includes daily prayers and bible verses or is stuffed with chocolates and toys, it helps build anticipation for Christmas Day.

For years, LEGO has been making advent calendars for various licensed toys, like Star Wars and Harry Potter. Every year, LEGO advent calendars sell out soon after they go on sale, which is usually sometime in September. If you do find them, they're usually very overpriced. They're very hard to come by.

This year's Harry Potter LEGO Advent Calendar represents Hogwart's Yule Ball. You know, the one where Hermione goes with Viktor Krum and Harry has to figure out the first clue to the Triwizard Tournament.

The set has 335 blocks, including Harry, Hermione, Ron, Padma and Parvati, and Cho as minifigs, plus some presents, a golden egg, and plenty of blocks for building the scene for the Yule Ball.

There are 24 panels to open, which should start on December 1, but you won't actually get this advent calendar until December 8, so you'll have to make some adjustments to your daily surprise. Still, for just $24, it's worth missing the first week of the advent season. You can always double up for a week!

If Walmart runs out of stock at this super low price, Kohl's still has them in stock for $32 right now.

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