LG G6: The camera wars go wide

With the LG G6, LG has dropped the gimmicks and set themselves on making a solid flagship phone again.

Alex Dobie, writing for Android Central:

[The] core experience of the G6 is flagship-class across the board, with a good-looking design, top-notch display, solid performance and battery life — and that's complemented by a surprisingly great camera setup with some really fun features. The G6 isn't exactly cutting edge in every area — LG tells me it deliberately isn't playing the spec game this time.Even so, its success is going to depend on its price tag, especially when you consider the Galaxy S8 is just a couple of months away. And should it be priced within striking distance of the Samsung flagship, it may be a hard sell for LG.

I love how mobile cameras are getting so much attention — and making so many advances — lately. If you'd told me even a year ago I'd be using my iPhone 7 Plus camera so much my DSLR would be left to collect dust on my desk, I'd have called you mad. Mad, I say.

But that's exactly what's happened. From travel to chat, we've told manufacturers that cameras are one of the key elements we consider when making phone purchases, and they've responded. Last year gave us Apple's digital zoom and portrait mode.

We're barely into 2017 and we've already got LG's G6. Can't wait to see what's next. (And, selfishly, LG — like Samsung — manufacturers components for Apple so it's always fun to see what they're showing off.)

That said, I don't think any of this means much for Apple or iPhone 8 — or whatever this year's iPhone is named. LG hasn't managed to capture enough of the market to sway things one way or another. At least not so far.

I hope that changes, though, because more and better competition is better for everyone — including Apple.

Check out the review and let me know what you think!

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