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What you need to know

  • LG is offering people a free three-month Apple TV+ trial.
  • People with 2016 and newer smart TVs can take advantage of the free offer.
  • The offer is only available to people who have not previously had a free Apple TV+ trial.

LG is offering owners of 2016 and newer smart TVs the chance to take Apple TV+ for a spin for three months without paying a penny. The offer has to be your first, though — anyone who has previously enjoyed an Apple TV+ freebie is out of luck.

LG says that the offer is available to anyone who signs up between now and February 13, 2022, with the process of signing up as simple as following the on-screen instructions in the LG Content Store.

The TV maker was quick to point out that those who have 2018 or newer TV models will benefit the most thanks to its LG Magic Remote technology.

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Lg Apple Tv Plus PromotionSource: LG

To add even more convenience to the viewing experience on 2018 and later models, LG Magic Remote makes navigating and content selection on Apple TV+ incredibly intuitive and easy. LG TV viewers can point, click and scroll with the motion sensitive controller or use voice commands with the built-in microphone to quickly search, discover and start watching great content on Apple's globally-popular streaming service.

Once the free trial ends users will pay the same $4.99 per month that everyone else pays and Apple will surely hope that the first taste of shows like Ted Lasso and Foundation is enough to get people coming back beyond those three free months.

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