Life without Google Reader, Day One: Issues with Flipboard and Feedly frustrate users

Google Reader is gone now. Dead. Killed. Taken from us. If you go to the website that once housed all your feeds, all you'll find is a grim warning to export them now, because even their memory will be purged from the universe on July 15. You've been warned. Google's burying Reader deep and salting the earth.

But even those of us who've tried to move on aren't having the easiest time of it. Both Flipboard and Feedly, two popular Reader alternatives, have experienced problems today, frustrating many users, both new and old.

While Flipboard had told its users that they would still have access to their Google Reader feeds after the shutdown, TechCrunch is reporting that this isn't the case. Several users have complained that their Google Reader content is no longer available inside Flipboard, with just the message "No Content" seen where Reader material used to be. However, some users appear to have their feeds at least partially restored.

Feedly, a popular destination for former Google Reader users, had some trouble with its mobile apps this morning. When logging in to the service through a mobile app for the first time, Feedly attempts to connect to Google Reader in order to migrate your feeds. However, with the shutdown, Feedly encounters problem when it does this, leading to an error that tells the user that Feedly is over capacity. The current version of Feedly's mobile apps is 16.0.522, and Feedly says that this issue is fixed in version 16.1, which has already been submitted to Apple for approval.

Aside from these issues, however, the transition seems to be well under way. No major problems have been reported outside of these two. Many apps, both new and updated, are ready to support the new services that have appeared to fill the void Google Reader leaves behind, including Reeder for iPhone, which was updated just this morning. While we have lost Google Reader, the good news for everyone is there are so many choices for where to go now.

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