Lost Sphear: Tips and Tricks

Lost Sphear is a pretty massive world and it throws a lot of information at you quickly when you start up a new game. It can be a little daunting to remember what will help you over the course of the game.

Whether you're having trouble with encounters, finding more treasure, or just curious on how you can maximize your experience, these tips and tricks will help you out!

Position yourself well during battle

The turn-based free-ranged combat system is a huge part of Lost Sphear and mastering it can be a little tricky. My best piece of advice is to always position your characters in the most advantageous spot to assure victory.

Not only can positioning your characters in the right place prevent enemies from attacking multiple characters at once with area attacks, but it also can set up your characters to be able to attack multiple enemies.

Make sure you're always looking for the best spot to launch each attack from, and if you can attack more than one enemy at the same time, do it!

Use Momentum often

Your Momentum Gauge charges up every time a character attacks or gets attacked, and when it fills, it lets you use Momentum to perform a more powerful attack. Technically, you can have up to three Momentum attacks charged up ready to go at any time, but it's much better to use all Momentum you get right away.

Momentum helps you do more damage and it doesn't carry over into the next battle, meaning if you don't use it, it's wasted. Use Momentum whenever you can, and try to get Momentum kills — which is when you kill an enemy with a Momentum attack — and you'll even get better items after each battle!

Levelling up restores all HP and MP

While you may find this a bit of a weird tip, it actually can help you plan when to use items.

Items are a limited resource, and in my adventure so far, I don't find I'm picking up a ton of healing items along my way. There have been a few times where one of my characters were really low on health but also close to leveling up. I chose not to heal my characters in that situation and even if they died in battle, they would level up at the end of combat and suddenly be at full HP and MP.

Obviously, use this tactic when it makes sense. For example, if your next battle is a boss battle, it's much better to heal with an item than to wait for a level up.

Items respawn frequently

As you travel through the world map, into buildings, and crawl through dungeons, you'll notice these yellow, blue, and red flashing stars. These are items you can pick up and they respawn so often!

If you're trying to get a certain memory or recipe ingredient, try looking in the exact same spot you found it before, and more often than not it will be there!

Initiate Side Encounters and Pre-Emptive Encounters

When you initiate a battle by running into a group of enemies, you can go into the battle with an advantage if you approach the enemies the right way.

A Side Encounter is when you approach an enemy from the side, and it gives you the ability to start the encounter with half of your ATB gauge and half of you Momentum gauge already filled up.

A Pre-Emptive Encounter is when you approach an enemy from the rear and it allows you to start the battle with your ATB and Momentum gauges already full, giving you a huge advantage at the start.

Try your best to initiate Side Encounters and Pre-Emptive Encounters whenever possible.

Upgrading weapons is almost pointless

As you progress through the game, you gain the ability to upgrade your weapons and armor; however, it's often not worth it.

I don't want to tell you how to play the game, but in my experience, every time I have upgraded a weapon, at the next down the blacksmith always had something better.

Usually, you make enough money along the way to buy everything you need, so don't waste your time and resources upgrading weapons.

Do you have any tips?

Have you been adventuring in Lost Sphear and have a couple of tips and tricks? let everyone know in the comments below!

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