Latest MacBook Pro M3 leak shows there are going to be no design changes, apart from a fancy new wallpaper

MacBook Pro M3 box
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It feels like it’s only been a couple of minutes since Apple announced its ‘Scary Fast’ event, and there are already leaks for what we might see.  The good news? There’s going to be a new MacBook. The, er, other news? It’s going to look pretty much the same as the MacBook you’ve already got.

Thanks to an X post from serial leaker and potential crustacean ShrimpApplePro, we’ve got a glimpse of the front of the box direct from the Chinese social media site Weibo. It sure is a MacBook Pro with a new wallpaper.

New MacBook Pro leak

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There’s not much to the leak beyond the front of the box, but it does show a couple of things worth noting. It's an image of the silver color, so we know that option will still be around. The darker, gunmetal-esque Space Gray is nowhere to be seen, but it’s unlikely to go anywhere for these new M3 MacBooks.

It’s still got that slick industrial design of the last models, although you can only see the front angle. That means a screen with slim bezels and a thicker bottom section than older MacBooks. The biggest change is the new wallpaper, which ditches the color of previous years, replacing it with a grayscale image of what looks like glowing string.

New MacBook Pros — iMore’s take

So there’s nothing in the leak about what’s even in the MacBook — It’s barely even a picture of one. It does, however, show what kind of thing to expect from the next Apple event when it comes to the MacBook showing, and by the looks of things, it’s not going to be hugely different from what was previously released on the Apple newsroom.

Instead, the big news here is likely going to be the M3 chip that uses the same 3nm production process for smaller, more efficient chips. In the case of these MacBook Pros that’s likely going to be the M3 Pro and M3 Max chips, marking the first time the Pro and Max versions of Apple Silicon have launched at the same time as the standard chips.

Alas, we’ll know little else until the event rolls around at 5 PM on October 30th — here’s to hoping there’s loads of new stuff.

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