The best MacBook Pro hits its lowest price ever in this Thanksgiving deal

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When Apple released the redesigned MacBook Pro line, ears pricked around the world as a new laptop that has everything the professional wants and needs was released. There's a bigger screen, more ports, and a very nice redesign to go with the massively improved keyboard. This deal over at Amazon brings it down to its lowest price again, with an extremely welcome $400 discount. This price has been matched elsewhere in the past, but Amazon has been the most consistent with it.

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MacBook Pro 14-inch $400 off

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MacBook Pro 14-inch | $1999 $1599 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

This MacBook Pro deal is the lowest price that the MacBook has been. It doesn't bring a new price to the table, but it matches the last one. This is a great deal that has been seen around at different retailers, but Amazon is the most consistent.

The previous models of MacBook Pro that came before this model were starting to lose the 'Pro' bits that made them so good to many, but when this line of MacBook Pros were shown off by Apple users rejoiced. A big selection of ports was back, the screen bigger and more useful, and the legendary MagSafe charger made a triumphant return. The 14-inch MacBook Pro is here to stay.

The chips inside were beefed-up versions of the M1, and configurations could hold monster amounts of RAM and storage. These are machines for the modern professional, and the prices showed it. Thankfully, with discounts like this one, the MacBook Pro is around $400 more affordable than it ever would have been if you went to Apple. 

Bear in mind that you can't spec out your machine here - if you want extra RAM or a bigger hard drive, then you'll have to go directly to Apple itself.

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