Save up to $200 on a new M2 MacBook Pro - it's now cheaper than the Air

MacBook Pro M2
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When Apple released the MacBook Pro M2, the world kind of just... shrugged. It looks exactly the same as the last model, retaining the same display, keyboard and chassis. When the laptop was released, however, everyone's ears pricked back up - the new M2 chip under the hood was extremely impressive. The MacBook Pro M2 broke ground in important ways, such as performance, all while being no more expensive than the previous model. Amazon at the moment have a pretty solid sale too, with a $200 saving on the 512GB model, which now costs $1299. 

Big savings on M2 MacBook Pro

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MacBook Pro M2 512GB | $1499 now $1299 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

There is money off all the storage options on the MacBook Pro M2, but the larger 512GB version has the bigger $200 saving. Either way, you're going to get a very solid laptop with a monster of a chip inside, letting you do some medium-load video editing alongside the usual web browsing and document creation. The MacBook Pro M2 is also the only place you're going to get that ever-controversial touch bar if you're interested.

The MacBook Pro M2 is a machine that confused a great many people. It features an old design that doesn't look remotely like last year's redesigned model and costs more than the newly redesigned MacBook Air M2. It also, at first glance, doesn't seem to justify the extra cost with any more than some cooling fans and function row replaced with a long, thin touch screen. 

Of course, now that the Pro, in some cases, is cheaper than the equivalent Air, it becomes a little easier to recommend. On Amazon, the MacBook Air M2 with 512GB storage is still $1449 - while the MacBook Pro M2 is $1299. At that price point, unless you really want the slimmer laptop for space reasons, just grab the MacBook Pro.

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