Massive Western Digital 16TB desktop hard drive half price on Prime Day

Western Digital 16tb Hard Drive Lifestyle
Western Digital 16tb Hard Drive Lifestyle (Image credit: Western Digital)

We always need more storage — be that to store more music or backup important files. This massive 16TB Western Digital drive is now half price for the next 48 hours for Prime Day, making it $237.49 at Amazon (opens in new tab), and the lowest price its ever been.

Remember that Prime Day prices only stick around for the two days of Prime Day, so don't delay on grabbing this great deal. Once they're gone, it's likely there won't be a price this low for some time.

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Huge storage for less

Let's break down what 16TB will store — that's 3.8 million 4MB songs, 2 billion Pages documents, or 101 million cat memes. While no longer the biggest hard drive you can get your hands on, it's still a monster storage option for you to fill with all your stuff.

One of its best uses would be as a backup drive for your Mac, so be sure to check out our roundup of the best Prime Day MacBook Deals. While Macs are more secure than other computer brands, you'll still find that other circumstances may cause you to lose your files. You could suffer hard drive failure, an update gone wrong, or even a deletion accident. With a backup, you'll be able to protect your most important files so that you can rest easy knowing that should you lose your first copy, you've always got a second or third. It makes a great addition to iCloud, ensuring you have a copy online, as well as a physical copy should the internet not be available.

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