Master the Apple TV keyboard with these three tricks

The Siri Remote is notably faster than its predecessors at text entry, but you're still dealing with the swipe-and-click-to-select process when it comes to entering letters and switching from uppercase to lowercase keyboards. And since Bluetooth keyboards don't currently seem to be supported, you're going to be doing a lot of swipe-and-click-to-select-ing.

Meet the Apple TV keyboard

If you're using an English keyboard, you'll see up to five different keyboard options: "abc", "ABC", "#+-", "123", and "Recent". The first two are the lowercase and uppercase variations of the alphabet with a basic numberpad; the "#+-" keyboard contains symbols and numbers; "123" contains solely numbers; and "Recent" saves recently entered phrases.

Third-party apps can incorporate any and all these options depending on the type of text entry required.

How to quickly re-enter your email address

If you want to avoid repeatedly typing your email address or the same search query on the Apple TV, use the Recent keyboard: It saves any email addresses, account names, or search terms you've entered recently.

How to add accented characters and uppercase letters

If you want the text-entry process to go just a bit quicker, here's a nifty little shortcut: Tap and hold on any lower-case key to reveal its uppercase version, along with any accented variations. This way, you don't have to repeatedly switch between the Uppercase, Lowercase, and Symbol keyboards.

Use the Play/Pause button to switch case

Want to type an uppercase letter when you're on the lowercase keyboard, or vice versa? Use the Play/Pause button to quickly switch between cases.

Any other fun keyboard tricks you've discovered?

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Serenity Caldwell

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