Meerkat adds a way to embed livestreams from its app on websites

Meerkat, the livestreaming app that officially launched for iOS in March, has a new service that gives anyone with the app a way to embed their livestreams on a website.

This will allow users to show videos on their own sites, rather than Meerkat's. The embed player itself will have the following features:

It will show your live stream if you're live, your upcoming stream if you have one scheduled, and if you have yet to go live it will show your profile. Comments are a core part of the Meerkat experience, but this is your space, and we are giving you the option of displaying what you like. It's easy to install, and you have three sizes to choose from.

Meerkat's biggest rival in the livestream space, Periscope, currently does not have a web-based embeddable player.

Source: Meerkat (Medium)

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