Mobile Strike — Everything you need to know!

Mobile Strike is a popular real-time strategy simulation game developed by Epic War LLC. If you're familiar with Game of War: Fire Age, Mobile Strike will look practically identical to you, and that's because both games are developed by the same parent company.

There's a good chance you have probably seen the TV commercials for Mobile Strike — specifically the ones starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If you've finally succumbed to the advertising for Mobile Strike, or are just curious about what it's like, here's everything you need to know to dive into the game!

The Objective

Mobile Strike main objective is to build the biggest, richest, and most powerful army command center. You'll start the game with only a few buildings, but quickly be able to build more and expand your base to massive proportions.

As is the case with most simulation games, as you build more structures and train more infantry, your military base will need more resources to keep up with the demand. You get more resources by building specific buildings, which I'll touch on a little bit later.


There are five major resources that you'll need to produce and use to progress through the game — stone, oil, iron, food, and coin. To build or upgrade most buildings your need stone, oil, iron, and coin, while training troops typically only costs food and coin.

Buildings that provide resources

As the needs of your city grow, you'll need to increase your production rate of the five major resources, and you can do that by building or upgrading these buildings.

  • Quarry: Building or upgrade quarries will increase your stone production.
  • Oil Well: Building or upgrading oil wells will increase your oil production.
  • Iron Mine: Building or upgrading iron will increase your iron production.
  • Farm: Building or upgrading farms will increase your food production.
  • Bank: Building or upgrading banks will increase your coin production.

If you do find yourself strapped for resources and you can't build more production buildings, you can always dismiss troops or deconstruct some buildings to save on your upkeep costs and recoup some of your resources.

Another way to gain resources is to occupy empty resource buildings —like quarries and oil wells — on the world map. The higher the level of the resource building the more resources you can pick up from that location, but the time it takes you to gather those resources will also increase.

Wait Times

Everything in Mobile Strike happens in real-time, which means every minute in the game is a minute in the real world. This is crucial to understand because almost every action you take in the game takes time. Building structures, upgrading buildings, training troops, and researching new talents all take time and lots of it. Plenty of bigger projects can take up to several hours to complete.

You can shorten wait times with items known as Speed Boosts, which take time off the countdown on whichever project you want. You'll receive a handful of Speed Boosts at the beginning of the new game for free, and can occasionally receive them in supply crates.

Your Commander

What would an army be without a strong leader? Your commander is the leader of your army base and will level up as you complete quests.

As the commander levels up, you will gain skill points, which can be used to teach your commander skills. Skills help you out in a variety of ways by increasing your resource production, reducing wait times for buildings, lowering the cost of training troops, and a plethora of other useful abilities.

You can also send your commander along when you attack another base or occupy an empty resource building on the world app, which will increase your attack stats.


A big part of Mobile Strike is leveling up your commander. You earn experience points for your commander by completing quests.

You complete quests by doing various tasks such as building or upgrading certain structures, training certain troops, increasing your resource production and more! Check the quests tab often and make sure you are always working towards a goal.

Premium Currency

There is one premium currency in Mobile Strike, and that is gold. Gold will let you skip wait times for building projects, training troops, and researching new talents.

Gold is extremely hard to come by without purchasing it, so try to make the amount you get at the beginning of the game last for as long as you can.

Tutorial and Help

Mobile Strike is a complex game. Gamers who are used to playing other real-time strategy games such as StarCraft or Civilization will probably have a better handle on things than someone who hasn't.

While the in-game tutorial is a bit of a mess, Mobile Strike has great "How to Play" guide in the "more" tab along the bottom of your screen. This guide will explain everything about the game in great detail, so if you're ever confused, I highly recommend checking it out.

What more do you want to know?

Just getting started in Mobile Strike? Let us know what else you'd like to know in the comments!

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