Mophie's new powerstation AC can power your wall plug gadgets

Mophie just announced the latest supercharged portable battery pack in its line of powerstation chargers. The powerstation AC is a 22,000 mAh brick that has a 30 watt USB-C fast charge port, a USB-A 2.4 amp port, and yes, a 110V/100 watt wall plug port. Potentially, you could power your MacBook Pro, iPhone X, and ... i don't know ... a TV set? at the same time.

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Mophie makes some of the best portable battery packs around. I have the powerstation USB-C XXL, which is powerful enough to charge my MacBook Pro and my Nintendo Switch (not at the same time), which is no small feat. I'm excited to see the company expand to something even bigger.

It's not just bigger in the sense of its battery output, but it's literally bigger. This bad boy looks like it's about the size of a small novel. Yet, it's still slimmer than a standard portable battery pack with that size battery. It may not be light and comfortable in your backpack, but it'll keep you going all day.

Imagine this: You've been wandering around all day at some tech convention, taking photos with your DSLR, using your iPhone to live tweet your adventure, and blogging about your favorite gadgets on your MacBook. You've got a portable charger to juice up your iPhone, and even your MacBook, but what happens when the battery in your DSLR dies? I guess it's time to find a wall outlet and sit down for an hour. Or not!

The powerstation AC has that wall outlet style port so you can charge up your camera's battery on the go! You can even plug your camera directly into the powerstation AC if you have a power adapter. According to mophie, you can get eight hours of DSLR camera use with the powerstation AC.

The powerstation AC, like mophie's other portable batteries, uses Priority+ passthrough charging, which means when you plug the power brick into a wall outlet to charge up, you can also charge all of your devices. It will "pass through" the powerstation AC and charge your devices first, then refill the power brick's battery. Wake up in the morning with all of your devices charged and ready to go, plus your battery pack for later. All this and it only uses up one wall outlet.

Remarkably, the powerstation AC is only $199.95. You can order one today directly from mophie. If it's anything like the powerstation USB-C XXL, it'll sell out pretty fast, so get in early.

See at mophie

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