15 most evil Pokémon

Pikachu Crazy
Pikachu Crazy (Image credit: iMore)

Anyone who has read a Pokédex knows there are some really evil Pokémon out there. This especially seems to be the case for Ghost-types, Psychic-types, and Dark-types, who tend to have the most malicious entries. As Pokémon's 25th Anniversary draws near, I've started thinking a lot more about the creepiest Pokémon I've seen over the years. But who exactly are the most diabolical Pokémon out there? I'm happy you asked.

15.) Ditto (Normal)

Pokemon Ditto (Image credit: iMore)

Everyone knows that Ditto can turn into anyone and do just about anything, this transformation even goes down to the cellular level. It could honestly get away with murder and pin it on someone else. It just has to cover those telltale dead eyes with a pair of shades and no one will be the wiser. The Detective Pikachu movie showed an elaborate example of this. There's no way I'd ever trust a Ditto in real life.

It's transformative powers do have one weakness, though. It can't hold a shape if it starts laughing. If I lived in the Pokémon world, I'd definitely walk around with a joke book in my back pocket or at least have several funny YouTube videos waiting on my phone and ready to play at any given minute.

14.) Guzzlord (Dark/Dragon)

Pokemon Guzzlord (Image credit: @yokeimono on YouTube)

This is an Ultra Beast who was introduced in Sun and Moon. According to Pokédex entries, it's constantly feeding, but leaves no droppings. A Pokémon that leaves no trace is just the kind of creature that could devour a human whole and get away with it.

Imagine if it was being controlled by a malicious trainer. There's no telling what someone could do in order to make inciminating evidence or troublesome people disappear.

13.) Mewtwo (Psychic)

Pokemon Mewtwo (Image credit: Netflix)

I honestly do feel a little bad calling Mewtwo evil, especially since he's a tortured science experiment known for his redemption ark. That's why I put him so far down on this list. However, you cannot deny the fact that he has killed several people and at one point sought the destruction of all living things.

With his powers to create powerful psychic waves and protect himself with an impenetrable force field, he's one menacing foe. You wouldn't want to get him angry. He could wipe everyone out within a certain radius.

12.) Dusclops (Ghost)

Pokemon Dusclops (Image credit: iMore)

Dusclops is basically what you'd get if you crossed a mummy with a cyclops and then gave it hypnotic powers. Though, I guess Brendan Fraser's Mummy already had the ability to put people into a trance. Regardless, Dusclops can hypnotize people with its large eye and make them do its bidding. If anyone gets too curious and tries to see what's under the wrappings they will only have their spirit sucked into a black hole.

Seriously, why would anyone have this creature as a pet? How are you supposed to give it a bath when undressing it will only kill you? And who's to say it won't control you at some point or other. Even if it's just because it's hungry and forces you to give it food, that's still pretty creepy.

11.) Gorebyss (Water)

Pokemon Gorebyss (Image credit: Pokemon Wiki)

A bright pink Pokémon with large eyes might seem harmless, but it's actually a water vampire. After chasing down prey, it sticks its needle-like mouth into them and drains all bodily fluids. But then, there are other accounts that say it feeds on "seaweed that grows between rocks." The accounts of Gorebyss differ so greatly from one Pokédex entry to the next that it only increases my uneasiness towards it.

All I can say is, no thanks. I don't like leaches and considering this thing is almost six feet tall, I'm sure it could prove fatal to a human if it chose to gorge while they took a swim.

10.) Gourgeist (Ghost/Grass)

Pokemon Gourgeist (Image credit: @foofootoo on YouTube)

I'm the kind of person who would love to celebrate Halloween year round, so the Jack-o'-lantern look of Gourgeist has always appealed to me. So what makes this cute gourd evil? On nights during a full moon, they like to wander around singing a creepy song that curses whoever hears it. You might be thinking, that's not too bad, you just need to wear earplugs. It gets worse.

If you get too close, Gourgeist ensnares you with its hairlike arms and will cackle gleefully as it's prey suffers. Can you imagine trying to break free from this fiend only to have it laugh maniacially and put a curse on you? Don't let anyone with a heart condition near one of these things.

19.) Darkrai (Dark)

Pokemon Darkrai (Image credit: @MajinGamer Z on YouTube)

This wraith attacks by unleashing unending, horrific nightmares for its prey to suffer through. Oh, but don't worry. One Pokédex entry claims that "it means no harm." Psssssh. I'm not falling for that. Whoever wrote that entry was probably blackmailed into saying that after Darkrai tortured them for so long.

Imagine how horrible this power would be in the hands of an evil trainer. You could seriously undermine a person's sleep patterns by guaranteeing that they always have horrific dreams. Over an extended period, this might even kill them.

8.) Froslass (Ice/Ghost)

Pokemon Froslass (Image credit: iMore)

In some ways Froslass is like the pool that Narcissus of ancient Greek mythology drowned in. According to various Pokédex entries, this female Pokémon goes after attractive men, freezes them, and then takes them back to its lair to "neatly line them up" as decorations. Some entries even state that Froslass's favorite food is "frozen souls". It definitely gives off serial killer vibes.

If you happen to be hiking in the mountains or are stuck inside during a blizzard, you're more at risk for a Froslass to come looking for you. Definitely makes you want to lock your doors and stay inside when on winter vacation.

7.) Gengar (Ghost/Poison)

Pokemon Gengar (Image credit: @Swordtee's 2nd Channel on YouTube)

Gengar is definintely one of my favorite Pokémon and is on many of the best Pokémon accessories I own, but he'd actually be plenty deadly in real life thanks to his poison and his ability to literally melt into shadows. But what really makes him evil is that he likes to startle people by mimicing their shadows and then lunging at them and overtaking them. I can't even imagine experiencing that on a dark night. It's enough to make someone die of fright.

It's also known to casts curses and multiple Pokédex entries claim that it steals lives of those lost in the mountains. And this is all without any trainer telling it to do anything. He and Froslass would make an excellent pair as they spooked people in timberline towns.

6.) Nihilego (Rock/Poison)

Pokemon Nihilego (Image credit: Bulbagarden)

Nihilego is yet another Ultra Beast that appears in Sun and Moon. It obviously resembles a jellyfish which is creepy enough, but its malice goes far beyond looks. Its can release a neurotoxin that makes people become violent and then feeds off of those it infects.

What makes things even stranger is that the Pokédex entries admit that it isn't certain if this parasitic creature "is sentient, but sometimes it can be observed behaving like a young girl." WTF does that mean? I'm just getting creepy The Ring vibes here.

5.) Banette (Ghost)

Pokemon Banette (Image credit: WatchMojo.com on YouTube)

This doll-like Pokémon is like a crazy ex who seeks revenge after being dumped. Better yet, it's basically an evil Woody who walks in the paths of Annabelle and Chucky. The Pokédex entries state that it is "possessed by pure hate" and "wanders in search of the children that threw them away." Not only that, but it makes itself more powerful by sticking needles in its face. Yeesh.

Marie Kondo would cause chaos in the Pokémon universe if her words inspired people to throw away their old dolls. It's a wonder more people in the anime and games aren't horders.

4.) Litwick (Ghost/Fire)

Pokemon Litwick (Image credit: @rinimt on YouTube)

Litwick might be one of the cutest looking creatures in the Pokémon world, but that's all a disarming ruse. It has the power to drain the life essence out of people. What does it do with that essense you ask? Why it simply burns it as fuel. That would be bad enough already, but things get worse.

This candle creature likes to hide in the dark and "pretends to be a guide" for anyone who is lost. Killing people who are already lost and afraid is downright diabolical.

3.) Malamar (Dark/Psychic)

Pokemon Malamar (Image credit: @TheGreatJman1999 on YouTube)

I remember watching the Pokémon anime where a Malamar tries to conquer the world through hypnotism. Mind you, this was without any human commanding it to do so. This episode immediately seemed to disprove a comment made by Jesse's Ekans in the first season that basically said there are no bad Pokémon, only bad masters. These things are pure evil.

Turning a picture of a Malamar upside down makes it look like a giant squid. But you wouldn't want to get too close to this being as it will try to wrap its tentacales tightly around its prey before "finishing it off with digestive fluids." Shudder What a horrible way to go. I definitely wouldn't want to encounter one of these in the wild.

2.) Yveltal (Dark/Flying)

Pokemon Yveltal (Image credit: Bulbagarden)

In Pokémon X and Y, Xerneas is a symbol of creation, while Yveltal is a creature of destruction. Yes, destruction is bad and all, but it how this red Pokémon goes about it that makes it so evil. When its wings and tailfeathers are spread wide, it can absorb the life force of living creatures. Why does it do this? So it can go into a cocoon and be reborn at a later date. How selfish is that?

There's absolutely no way anyone would actually want to have this creature in their party in real life, unless they could command it from miles and miles away. Even then, anyone using it would have the lives of countless people and creatures on their hands whenever Yveltal got a hankering for cocooning.

1.) Duskull (Dark)

Pokemon Duskull (Image credit: The Pokémon Company)

Not who you'd thought would be at the top of this list, huh? You want proof this adorable baby death is evil? Here it is: It "loves the crying of children" and purposely "makes them cry". I don't care who you are, only a fiend revels in that high-pitched shrill and intentionally makes it happen.

Can you imagine being an exhausted parent who has to deal with your child getting traumatized by the Duskull hiding under their bed on a regular basis? Your kid is going to need therapy and might have issues the rest of its life. Oh, and good luck catching this Pokémon or making it go away. It can go through walls. Everyone in your household would have a lack of sleep, which could lead to some short tempers. Who knows what might happen as a result.

I don't care if it doesn't actually try to kill people, Duskull is one of the cruelest creatures in the Pokémon universe. Now, some entries claim it only messes with bad kids who don't listen to their parents, but who's Duskull to accurately judge a child's behavior? What if it's just feeling bored and wants to mess with someone? That seems far more likely.

Most evil Pokémon

There are definitely some creepy things detailed in Pokédex entries. If Pokémon were real, these are the top 15 creatures that I probably would try my best to avoid. Not to mention that if a horrible person became their trainer they could unleash untold horror on the world and probably get away with it too.

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