Mous MagSafe Compatible Charger Stand Review: Simple design meets convenient utility

Magsafe Compatible Charger Stand
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Bottom line: Mous delivers a convenient charger stand that works seamlessly with the MagSafe Charger to juice up your iPhone in the perfect viewing position.


  • +

    Convenient and useful for hands-free viewing

  • +

    Works perfectly with the MagSafe Charger and iPhone 12

  • +

    Use with iPhone in both vertical and horizontal orientations

  • +

    Mount can be used with other Mous accessories


  • -

    Instructions and setup may be a challenge

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The iPhone 12's MagSafe technology is still pretty new, so there's not a lot of high-quality MagSafe compatible accessories available from many well-known brands. Mous is working to change that. The Mous MagSafe Compatible Charger Stand is a brand-new product that works with the Apple MagSafe charger to charge MagSafe-enabled iPhones at a comfortable viewing angle.

The smart design of this stand will look great on any desk or nightstand, and the mount works with other Mous products. I wasn't quite sure how to set it up at first, but I'll go into all that later. First let's cover the basic facts.

Mous MagSafe Charger Stand: Price and availability

Mous Magsafe Charger Stand

Mous Magsafe Charger Stand (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

The Mous MagSafe Charger Stand is a brand new product, so it's only available on the Mous website right now. You'll find it alongside other Mous MagSafe compatible accessories like the Limitless 4.0 cases and Card Wallet. The price is $30, which is pretty reasonable considering the quality and reputation of the Mous brand. If it goes on sale, we'll be sure to include it in our deals section.

Mous MagSafe Charger Stand: When form follows function

Mous Magsafe Charger Stand

Mous Magsafe Charger Stand (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

I'm a big fan of minimal modern design, so the Mous Charger Stand is a lovely addition to my desk. The sleek lines and simple design are an excellent example of when form follows function. The stand consists of a solid bent metal frame and an adhesive mount that can be detached when needed. The mount affixes to the MagSafe charger and the cord threads through an opening at the base. Once the charger is attached to the mount, you simply place your iPhone against it and it stays firmly place using the embedded MagSafe magnets.

The sleek lines and simple design are an excellent example of form follows function.

This charger stand holds the iPhone at a slight angle that's perfect for viewing, whether you're close or across the room. The MagSafe magnets are strong enough that you can continue use the phone even while it's attached and charging. I like that this works in both vertical and horizontal orientation, so it's great for both hands-free scrolling and video watching.

The MagSafe Charger attaches to the mount using a strong adhesive, but that doesn't mean it's stuck in the stand permanently. The mount and charger can be detached as needed for other applications. The same mount can be used with the Mous Charger Dock as well, and I have a feeling there are other Mag-Safe compatible accessories coming from Mous soon that will also work with the mount attachment.

Mous MagSafe Charger Stand: How does this thing work?

Mous Magsafe Compatible Charger Stand

Mous Magsafe Compatible Charger Stand (Image credit: Jaclyn Kilani / iMore)

The only problem I had with the Mous MagSafe Charger Stand was that I couldn't figure it out at first. Perhaps I am mechanically challenged, but after reading through the instructions, it wasn't completely clear to me how the device worked. Luckily, it only took a quick visit to the Mous YouTube channel to find a quick video that illustrated the concept I wasn't quite getting. After that, I had my iPhone up and charging in about five minutes. So the setup wasn't intuitive for me, but the product itself works perfectly.

Mous MagSafe Charger Stand: Competition

Belkin Wib003 Bk Magnetic Wireless Charger Stand Working

Belkin Wib003 Bk Magnetic Wireless Charger Stand Working (Image credit: Belkin)

Although there are some generic copycat products on Amazon, there are not many charger stands like this one on the market yet, at least not from the bigger names in iPhone accessories. Belkin is the only contender I found that produces a similar product of good quality. Their Magnetic Wireless Charger Stand has a similar shape and design, even if it's not quite as slick at the Mous version. The major difference here is that the Belkin stand is an actual charger, while the Mous stand simple holds an Apple MagSafe Charger in place. The Belkin stand only provides a 7.5 watt charge as opposed to the 15 watt charge provided buy the MagSafe Charger, so the Mous Stand in combination with the MagSafe Charger will provide a faster charging time.

Mous MagSafe Charger Stand: Should you buy it?

In my opinion, anyone with an iPhone 12 and a MagSafe Charger will find this stand useful. Whether you keep it on your nightstand to use your iPhone as an alarm clock, set it up on your desk for easy viewing while charging, or use it as a stand for watching movies and videos, there are many ways to use the Mous MagSafe Charger Stand. Those that appreciate simple, good design will especially like the look and feel of the metal stand.

In my opinion, anyone with an iPhone 12 and a MagSafe Charger will find this stand useful.

If you love all things Mous, you'll find even more ways to use the adhesive mount that comes with this stand. It can be detached from the stand and used with the Mous Charger Dock, and I'm sure there are many more similar accessories in the works. At only $30, I don't see why anyone with a MagSafe Charger wouldn't have this stand.

You should buy this if ...

  • You'd like to enjoy hands-free viewing of your iPhone while it charges.
  • You like minimal, modern design.
  • You enjoy a good multi-tasking accessory.

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You don't have a MagSafe charger.
  • You are terrible at following instructions.

The Mous MagSafe Compatible Charger Stand will add instant convenience to your desk or nightstand. Charging will no longer put your iPhone out of commission — use it easily while it charges, or view the iPhone in both horizontal and vertical mode to watch movies. It's a great solution for hands-free viewing while you work or relax. The angle is great for viewing the iPhone while you work alongside, which is why I have this stand set up on my desk. With this product, Mous delivered well-designed utility that anyone with a MagSafe Charger can enjoy.

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