Apple Music is getting ready for Super Bowl LVII the only way you should - with a massive Rihanna playlist

Apple Music Rihanna in a big yellow dress
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The Super Bowl is just around the corner, with the February 9 date less than two weeks away. To make sure you're ready for the biggest sports event of the calendar, Apple Music has created a monster playlist of some of Rihanna's best and most classic tracks. 

They're all there in Rihanna's road to Halftime, an official collection of 32 playlists available in glorious Spatial Audio, so they're at their best. You can also watch the trailer and get hyped for the show from the nine-time grammy winner. You can even join in and sing along with Apple Sing.

Apple Music halftime show

There's also going to be the likes of the 'Halftime Hype Radio,' what Apple calls "a 10-part series reflecting on some of the most notable Super Bowl Halftime performances of all time", and the 'Live from Super Bowl LVII' show that will feature daily live broadcasts looking based around the Super Bowl, with special guests. You can access it all from the Apple Music desktop app or the app on your best iPhone.

This is the first time Apple Music has sponsored the music at the halftime show, and it looks like they're bringing a more interactive element to the massively popular event. Of course, it's all centered around Rihanna and her star power, but there is plenty more for fans of the Super Bowl to be excited about.

It's a massive part of Apple's continued investment into sports, as the company fights for some big streaming rights. One of the most recent has been the Premier League in the UK, which could make the soccer league more accessible to those in the States.

Either way, we're super excited for the Super Bowl and Rihanna's halftime show. If nothing else, it's as close to new music as we'll get from RiRi anyway - unless she has some big news for us at the show. We can only hope.

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