Spotify gets a new iPhone Lock Screen widget so that you can launch your tunes quicker

Spotify Lock Screen Widget
(Image credit: Spotify)

Spotify may not have had the strongest 2023, but there have been a couple of quality-of-life improvements that have made the app a little better. One of which is this new feature, which makes it possible to have a Spotify widget on your iPhone Lock Screen screen. You only need to tap it once to launch the app, cutting the process down from the few taps you might have needed before.

It's going to require iOS 16 later, due to the customization options that came with the most recent version of iOS, but it's super easy to do. You'll be bopping along to your favorite tunes in no time, if you can find them in Spotify's new look app.

One-tap Spotify

The new feature was revealed on a Spotify Community page, where the instructions were posted as well. Written by Spotify volunteer MattSuda, they talk you through the process of getting it working on the best iPhones.

There are also some troubleshooting tips at the bottom of the page for users that can't get the feature to work correctly. MattSuda says that restarting the iPhone might help, or waiting for a little while and trying again if it doesn't appear initially after the restart.

The widget makes launching the app a little easier if it's not already playing music, but the now-playing box still shows on your lock screen if you're listening to Bronski Beat.

Spotify has seen some flack recently for the redesign of its app, as users think it prioritizes video content over music, the material that most people subscribe for. It's also been a little secretive about its new lossless HiFi tier as of late, although there are rumors and rumblings that Spotify will charge more for the option – even though other apps and services have the same feature for free.

As a result of this, Spotify has seen lower numbers of subscribers, as users shift to other options, like Apple Music. Perhaps this will make some reconsider their position – although it's likely too little too late.

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