Fans think Apple TV price drop could mean new model is imminent

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While last month's 'Let Loose' event saw the first refresh of the iPad line in over a year, some keen-eyed fans think they've spotted the next long-awaited update in the product line.

As spotted on the Apple TV subreddit, one user spotted that the 128GB version of the Apple TV 4K hardware has dropped in price to 169 euros (Around $183/£144), 

It's hardly a steep discount, essentially meaning you can double your storage for no extra cost, but it could signify Apple potentially looking to clear stock ahead of the reveal of a new model. At the time of writing, the price appears to be cut in certain EU markets, but not all.

Apple TV 4K 2022 box on a counter

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Could Apple TV's next model be inbound?

Naturally, Reddit is sceptical. Some are hoping for an Apple TV with an M-series processor, while others are expecting a small spec bump that may include extra storage. There's also the chance it's a minor pricing issue and it could change shortly.

Reports have suggested the Apple TV could shift form factor to a more soundbar-like alternative, but we're yet to see any evidence of that.

As we said in our review, the Apple TV 4K is a great option, but it could do with better live TV integration and maybe a little more storage since it can double as a games console now.

Apple TV 4K 128GB | $149 at Apple

Apple TV 4K 128GB | $149 at Apple

There's no US discount just yet, but if you're looking for an Apple TV price drop it might be worth bookmarking this version which includes an ethernet port.

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