Apple TV Plus original Constellation has just received a new trailer and it looks set to be the creepiest show of the year

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Opening on a space shuttle above Earth, a woman is talking to her daughter, only for everything to go wrong as the sides of the craft implode and she crashes. Moments later, she is back on Earth again but nothing is quite right. This is Constellation, a new Apple TV Plus 'Original TV Show' set to release in just a few short weeks. 

In the mind-bending and creepy new trailer for Constellation, you are introduced to a woman suffering from visions, memories, and experiences unfamiliar to her as she navigates her life back on Earth.

Jo (Noomi Rapace), our main character, finds some support in Henry (Jonathan Banks), an engineer who has seen astronauts affected by the same psychological problems. However, when the pieces start to fall into place, Jo realizes there may be something much darker to this than otherwise imagined. If the tone of the show matches the trailer, Constellation could become one of the best shows on Apple TV Plus. 

The pieces come together

The new trailer seems intended to replicate the feelings of our main character as she witnesses a scary world around her that no one else can see. When she walks up to her piano in her family home, she discovers that she can suddenly play it where she couldn’t before. When she thinks of her time in the shuttle above, she has visions of being attacked. When she talks to her daughter about her childhood, she realizes her memories aren’t real. 

Constellation looks set to be a very dark sci-fi show where you are constantly tricked into not quite believing what you are watching and, if this trailer is anything to go by, we can’t wait to be scared witless by it on February 21. 

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