Apple's intense new thriller bursts into the streaming top 10

Hijack Apple TV Plus promo with Idris Elba
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Apple has a thrilling new show on Apple TV Plus that's already proving a hit with audiences, as intense drama Hijack bursts into the streaming top 10 for the week at number three. 

Starring and produced by Idris Elba, Hijack, as the name suggests, is a drama series about a hijacked flight, and a top negotiator's attempt to save the passengers on board. 

The show leverages the format that made 24 successful, namely, it's a real-time drama, with seven hour-long episodes charting the course of a seven-hour flight. The early episodes are definitely worth writing home about, with a very respectable 86% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Top 3

Now, new figures from Reelgood indicate that Hijack is the third most popular show in streaming this week, falling only behind The Bear and Marvel's Secret Invasion. 

Apple also has another drama in the top 10, the brilliant Silo, which is a series about the surviving remnants of humanity living in an underground bunker to escape the wastelands of the world above. No one knows why the Silo was built or when, and trying to find the answers usually has fatal results for those involved. 

The success of both is a testament to the continued run of great shows Apple is pumping out on its TV Plus streaming platform. Given the quality of the content, it's hard not to see it as some of the best value in streaming entertainment. However, it does have a small catalog of shows compared to giants Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. 

Apple has also recently pushed out the trailer for the highly-anticipated new movie from Martin Scorcese, Killers of the Flower Moon, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. More star power is also on the way as Brad Pitt takes the wheel in Apple's upcoming F1 film, which features input from seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton. The title is going all-in on production, racing an 11th team at this weekend's Silverstone Grand Prix. 

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