Save up to $300 on Samsung Soundbars at Amazon, and hear every detail of your favorite Apple TV Plus shows

Samsung soundbars
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Samsung makes some really great soundbars that immeasurably improve the sound of a TV. They sit on your TV bench and pump out top-quality sound making your favorite TV shows and movies sound better than ever. At the moment, you'll save up to $300 if you buy a Samsung soundbar at Amazon. You could pay under $200 for a compact soundbar or a full Dolby Atmos setup for $650. 

Save big on Samsung Soundbars

Samsung HW-250B soundbar:$248 $178 at Amazon

Samsung HW-250B soundbar: $248 $178 at Amazon

It may be the entry level option, but this will improve your TV experience no end. More depth to dialogue, more 'boom' to explosions, and more body to music. This is a nice $70 discount to bring the soundbar under $200 - its lowest price ever.

Samsung HW-S801B soundbar: $897 $647 at Amazon

Samsung HW-S801B soundbar: $897 $647 at Amazon

This bad boy comes equipped with Dolby Atmos, so the sound will feel like it's coming from above. There's also a subwoofer in the box, so you can get a bit more bass to your TV watching. This one is very long - so make sure you've got the space on your TV center for it. Save $250 in this Amazon deal.

Samsung HW-Q800B:$997$697 at Amazon

Samsung HW-Q800B: $997 $697 at Amazon

This is a very solid deal that will save you $300 and get you a very clever soundbar with virtual surround sound. It's compact, slipping in wherever it needs to, and then gives very convincing surround sound performance. This new price is its lowest price ever.

There are some great options to improve the sound of your TV, and Samsung creates some of the best. We've all been there, after all. You're watching Foundation, and your new 4K set is recreating the colors and action beautifully. You're in the action - until there's an explosion. The tinny speakers on the back of your TV do an OK job with the dialogue, but they lack the depth necessary for the music and bigger sound effects.

That's where one of the best soundbars with Dolby Atmos will step in - they have better speakers inside and often come with a subwoofer to improve the bass frequencies. You don't need seventeen speakers dotted around the room anymore for good surround sound, with some really clever programming inside so that a soundbar can make the sound of your movies and TV sound like it's coming from all around the room. And surround sound? Surround sound is pretty cool.

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