I buy the UE Boom 3 as a great Christmas or birthday gift for a different loved one every year — and now you can too, with $50 off in the Cyber Monday sale

UE Boom 3 deal
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First, I bought myself one. Then, I liked it so much, that I bought my sister one. Then a close friend. Then my parents... until UE releases a new one, I can't see myself buying a different Bluetooth speaker for my loved ones.

It's well-priced, waterproof, and comes in what seems like a million different colors. While I have moved on to sonic pastures new, it's still one of the coolest Bluetooth speakers that money can buy with a big, bassy sound and an excellent companion app. This deal in the Cyber Monday sale at Amazon chops $50 off the full price, giving you a super solid deal.

Where to find the best Cyber Monday speaker deals

UE Boom 3 | $149$99 at Amazon

UE Boom 3 | $149 $99 at Amazon

The Boom 3 is an excellent Bluetooth speaker, with solid sound quality, the best app in the business, and some wicked color options. This is only $5 off the lowest price ever, so you know you're getting an excellent deal.

Price Check: $99 at Best Buy | $99 at Target

The UE Boom 3 isn't the biggest in the Ultimate ears line — that goes to the $400 Hyperboom. This smaller model does manage to pack in some extremely powerful bass response, a killer mid-range, and a pretty cool cylindrical design. I love my Boom 3, and while I now have more expensive options, I still come back to my colorful music tube.

Don't worry about getting this bad boy wet either — it's waterproof so those pool parties that need more music aren't going to damage it. You can get super loud during that party too, as it can connect to other Boom speakers. 

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