Sonos' Roam 2 is an AirPlay wireless speaker with simple controls and easy pairing to your iPhone

Sonos Roam 2 speaker being held in hand
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With an exceptional track record for audio, Sonos is releasing its second-gen Roam speaker. With the previous device already being one of the best Bluetooth speakers for iPhone, the Roam 2 offers plenty of improvements across the board.

The Sonos Roam 2 opts for simpler controls on top this time, and a refined design that looks sleek. Easy Bluetooth pairing and AirPlay 2 support mean that the Bluetooth speaker will be easy to use with the best iPhones. The speaker is available to order from Sonos for $179/£179.

What do you get with the Sonos Roam 2?

The standout upgrade is the Bluetooth pairing. Gone are the days when you needed to set up your Roam on your home Wi-Fi before you could enjoy your tunes on the go. With the Roam 2, you can pair it directly to your Bluetooth device, making it as easy as pie to start listening immediately. Provided the speaker has some juice, of course. This brings the Roam 2 in line with the convenience of other Bluetooth speakers, allowing for spontaneous audio sessions without the faff. Plus, AirPlay 2 support means you can easily beam music to the speaker from your iPhone.

The Roam 2 also sports a dedicated Bluetooth button, ditching the need to hold down the power button for pairing. It's a small change, but it makes the whole process a lot more intuitive. The design tweaks don’t stop there: the Sonos logo is now monochromatic, matching the colour of the device itself. This subtle design choice gives the Roam 2 a cleaner, more cohesive look.

Despite these changes, the Roam 2 retains the core features that made its predecessor a hit. You’ll still get that robust sound quality, enhanced by Trueplay technology which adjusts the audio to suit your environment. The 10-hour battery life ensures you’re set for long listening sessions, and the IP67 waterproof rating means it can handle a splash or two without any fuss. Plus, it now comes in five colours: Olive, Sunset, Wave, Black, and White, up from the original’s two options.

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