Even the biggest TVs not big enough for your Apple TV+ watching? Get $600 off this 4K projector for the biggest "screen"

Cyber Monday XGimi projector
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TVs can go big. There are options out there that go all the way over 100-inches — but they cost enormous amounts of money. If you want to get the really big screen sizes, you're going to need a projector — one that can pump out the big resolutions, and the big inches.

This XGMIMI projector will push out a 4K video on a screen size of up to 200-inches — which, let's face it, is MASSIVE. That's at a max 4K resolution, making the likes of Foundation look really, really good.

Where to find the best projector Cyber Monday deals

XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Projector | $1699 $1099 at Amazon

XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Projector | $1699 $1099 at Amazon

This projector is a monster. Bright enough to work in even the lightest of rooms, pumps out a truly massive screen. This $600 deal makes it much, much cheaper than some wicked TV sets as well — just make sure you've got a wall big enough for the largest screen sizes. I know I certainly don't.

Price Check: $1099 at Best Buy | $1499 at Target

Want to know the best bit about this projector? This model has a built-in Smart TV processor, with Android TV. That means you can install all your favorite streaming services without the need for a separate box — although we'd still recommend picking up an Apple TV 4K

That doesn't mean that you can't hook up your existing devices. There are all the plugs that you need on the back of the device, like an Xbox, a Playstation, or even a Mac. Not that you'd want to do any work on a screen so big — you might end up with eye strain as you try to read the text from across the room.

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