Upgrade your home cinema with $72 off Edifier’s audiophile-grade speakers in the Prime Big Deal Days sale

Edifier S1000W
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Audio tech company Edifier creates high-quality speakers and headphones that keep audiophiles happy but often not for the dizzying price of devices from rivals. 

The Edifier S1000 WiFi Hi-Fi Bookshelf Speakers are a great example of what Edifier is known for. These great-looking speakers with a retro-like aesthetic boast a 120W power output and are packed with Hi-Res audio technology. 

The result is fantastic sound, whether you want to upgrade your home cinema and connect them to a TV or use them on either side of a desktop computer. They feature both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, as well as OPT, COX, and AUX support, and work with Alexa, AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect.

The Edifier S1000 WiFi Hi-Fi Bookshelf Speakers usually cost $359.99 but have had a $72 discount for the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days event, meaning you can now pick up a pair for $287.98.

Bag yourself a big saving and big sound

Edifier S1000 WiFi Hi-Fi Bookshelf Speakers |$359.99$287.98 at Amazon

Edifier S1000 WiFi Hi-Fi Bookshelf Speakers | $359.99 $287.98 at Amazon

WiFi and Bluetooth speakers with a slick, retro aesthetic that pack in power and performance, upgrading your home cinema set-up with style. 

The Edifier S1000 WiFi Hi-Fi Bookshelf Speakers are a great choice if you want a stylish pair of speakers that can (sort of) do everything. You can connect these speakers up to a Mac over Bluetooth, which will bring you sound above and beyond what you could ever expect from their built-in speakers. 

You could also connect them up to a record player, allowing you to listen to your favorite vinyl at a much more impressive volume. Or connect them to a TV either via Bluetooth or one of the manual connections on the rear of the speakers. 

However, these speakers may look good but they're not small. You'll need to make sure you've got plenty of space for them, but if you have the room, you'll be immediately transported to audio nirvana.

The Edifier S1000 WiFi Hi-Fi Bookshelf Speakers aren’t the cheapest speakers on the market, but with this latest discount they’re an excellent option if you want to upgrade your home cinema experience or need new speakers for a desk or bookshelf. 

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