Neko Atsume game guide: How to collect all the cats!

What are power levels anyway?

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Power levels determine which cats have playtime priority. If one cat has a higher power level than another, it will take over using a Goodie. If you can't seem to attract a lower power level cat, it's probably because a higher level one keeps taking up all the space.

Bonus tips!

  • You can kick a cat off of a Goodie if you want to free it up to possibly welcome a different cat with a lower power level. Tap the item in your Goodies storage to remove it from the yard. Then tap it again to place it. The previous cat will disappear (gifting you a single silver fish).
  • Tubbs is too lazy to go inside to eat the food, so if you don't want him to finish off your expensive food too fast, put it indoors.
  • Tubbs will go inside under one circumstance: the Giant Cushion. If you place the Giant Cushion indoors, put Frisky Bits (or something more expensive) in the indoor bowl and leave the outdoor bowl empty, or only fill it with Thrifty Bits, he will climb inside and make himself at home on his favorite cushion.
  • Frosty has a straw coat. When she comes to visit you outside, she will wear her coat. When she visits inside, she will take it off.
  • Pickles has the lowest power level of all the cats at 0. He's a "scaredy-cat" to the bones. He'll rarely appear and usually runs off before you get a chance to snap his picture. He's been known to come around more often with the Toy Capsule and Zebra Grass Gadget. If you're trying to see him, check back often or you might miss him.
  • Snow on the ground has nothing to do with Frosty. It also has nothing to do with real-life weather patterns. It is simply a feature that the developers at Hit Point decided to add in a game update.
  • Whiteshadow will stay in your yard, even after a remodel. So, when he appears, you can switch yards and grab a picture of him with all of your remodel backgrounds.
  • Even though the Nightview Egg Bed is meant for a single cat, Hermeowne, Maple, and Caramel will join another cat on top of the bed. They really like that cozy nook.

Any secrets?

Neko Atsume has a wealth of secrets to discover and there is no official way to play it. Feel free to share your best practices for enticing rare cats and getting the most gold fish.

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