NetNewsWire 4.0 released as open beta

One of OS X's most venerable newsreading apps has gotten a major makeover. NetNewswire 4.0 is now available for download as a public beta. It can be pre-ordered for $10, half off the regular price.

NetNewsWire 4.0 is a major overhaul to the RSS newsreader. Black Pixel's Daniel Pasco explained in a blog post.

There's a lot going on with RSS and news readers right now, but our primary focus is always going to be a killer user experience. The goal of this release is to ensure that the core reading experience is top notch.

According to Pasco, Black Pixel's goal going forward with this release is to get sync working right. Up to now, NetNewsWire has depended on Google Sync to be able to synchronize news feeds between different computers, but Google is turning Sync off at the end of July.

NetNewsWire's new Sync plumbing will be tested by select beta testers at first, with a general rollout planned later.

Peter Cohen