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What you need to know

  • Two new episodes have landed on Apple TV+ today.
  • New episodes of Mythic Quest and Mosquito Coast are now available to watch.

More content is available on Apple TV+ today with both Mythic Quest and Mosquito Coast picking up new episodes.

Starting with Mythic Quest, viewers can now take episode four of season two in with the expected level of hilarity surely on show. This is one of the most popular shows on Apple's streaming TV service and it's easy to see why that is.

Here's how Apple TV+ describes todays' addition.

Ian and Poppy work separately on the expansion, Jo helps C.W. deal with his publisher, and Brad sets out to find a romantic partner for David.

As for Mosquito Coast, the first season continues with episode four now available to stream. The tension rises and it seems there might be more going on than the Foxes think according to the episode synopsis.

The Foxes seek refuge in an opulent hacienda, where a family's all-powerful matriarch sees them as pawns in her own game.

If you haven't yet taken either of these shows in, what are you waiting for? There's even an Apple TV+ free trial that runs for seven days – that's more than long enough to binge-watch all fo Mythic Quest at the very least!

You'll of course need an Apple TV+ subscription to take the new episodes in, as well as something to stream them with. Be sure to check out the best Apple TV deals before making a purchase, too.

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