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What you need to know

  • Apple has just released new colors of accessories for its AirTags.
  • Bizarrely they've been made available on Amazon but no Apple's own store.

Apple has just added new colors to its range of some of the best AirTag accessories exclusively on Amazon.

On Apple's Amazon store you can now buy an AirTag loop in two new colors, Capri Blue and Pink Citrus, as well as a new Leather Loop and leather keyring in a color called 'Meyer Lemon'. The former are both priced at the usual $29, whilst the Leather keyring is $35 and the loop is $39.

The items are listed as 'in stock soon, and delivery estimates have their arrival set at August 9 at the earliest. For some bizarre reason, these products aren't yet available on Apple's own website, suggesting they may have been added to Amazon by mistake.

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Earlier this month Apple released two new colors for its Key Ring and Leather Loop, from that report:

Apple has released two new colors for its AirTag Key Ring & Leather Loop.

The new colors, Forest Green and California Poppy, were spotted by Basic Apple Guy, who posted photos of the two new colors on their Twitter account.

Apple also released new AirTag Key Ring & Leather Loop in Forest Green and California Poppy

The official colors currently available for the loop and key ring are:

  • Baltic Blue
  • California Poppy
  • Forest Green
  • Saddle Brown

Apple's new AirTag accessories are currently available to see on Amazon.

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Apple AirTag

Bottom line: For iPhone owners, this is the best item tracker on the market right now. With simple pairing and easy-to-use software, AirTags are a kind excellent Apple product of the same vintage as Apple's AirPod family.

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